My Caribbean dream just came true. I’ve dreamed about visiting this region for about two last years. Previously the Caribbean Sea and its islands were more like Neverland to me. A magical imagined region created only for pirates to place the movies about them somewhere. And maybe Dirty Dancing 2 too.

But two years ago, when my travel plans became more serious, I finally located the Caribbean on the map. It was a revelation! It really exists. Somewhere between North and South Americas. An even bigger surprise was figuring out that part of divine islands is a member of the European Union. How is it possible? Well, some of them are considered as overseas territories of France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. So visiting islands like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Sint Maarten and few others requires only your national ID if you’re an EU citizen. Easy like going to Germany!

So that day, when this information truly came to me, I decided to spend some time on one of the islands in the future. And that future had just come.

Welcome in my first post. Welcome to Guadeloupe.

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View through palm trees on the beach - Plage de la Caravelle - Sunday in Wonderland
Beautiful view through palm trees on the Plage de la Caravelle

The weather

The climate on Guadeloupe should be perfect for a nice vacation. Average year temperature does not go under 20 degrees Celsius. But last week it was 30 degrees I guess. That’s really hot. But we are so glad to have a nice shaded terrace in our place which we can kind of upgrade with a ventilator when we’re outside.

September and October are considered as a rainy season in Guadeloupe. So we came here in the middle of it. But it does not mean that it rains all the time. During our first week on the island we had rain almost every day, but usually, it was raining only one or two hours. Sometimes only in the morning, when we were still in bed.

During the rain, the air is so fresh. And the temperature is easier to bear. Personally, I really enjoy sitting on the terrace, drinking homemade ice tea and watch the raindrops flowing down the green leaves.

But most of our days are sunny. And then the landscapes are most beautiful. The water is so blue that you could only imagine. The palms are so juicy green and they look incredible.

Palm trees from below - Sunday in Wonderland
Palm trees from below

The landscape

Our accommodation is located near a beautiful beach – Plage de la Caravelle. Something like 10 minutes by feet. Really slowly, because it’s too hot to walk fast.

We like this beach the most in the morning. Usually, we have it for our own at that time. The sun rises around 6 AM and we’re already there. Another best time is around 4 PM, two hours before the dusk.

We have been on the beach only once during the day, around noon. This ended up with a sunburn. We couldn’t sit stil in the shadow of palm trees, so we ran into the water and spend about two hours there. And the sun protection oil drained from our skin. It hurt, but it did not frighten us.

When we have some hesitations about our decision of coming here for so long, we go to the Plage de la Caravelle and all of our worries go away immediately. This little piece of paradise each day has something new for us. One day it could be a coconut laying on the sand and waiting for us to pick it up, another day it could be an iguana posing for tourists photos.

White sand on Plage de la Caravelle - Sunday in Wonderland blog
Somewhere in the middle of the Plage the la Caravelle

The animals

I am really happy with every new creature that I meet here. The first one to greet us here was Romek. Romek is an Anolis, a lizard. He lives on our terrace. Romek really enjoys eating ants. That’s why we enjoy Romek so much. He also adores oranges, so we were happy to share a breakfast with him last morning.

There are also bigger lizards on the island, like iguanas. We have met them on the beach. It looks like they are not afraid of people and some of them really enjoy sandwiches. And they know how to get them from tourists. Sunbathers gladly share their lunches with iguanas and in return, they get some nice pictures of those creatures.

In our neighborhood, we can meet also some animals known from Europe. There are three cows (in creole version) living on the meadow behind our fence. And each morning we are awake by few roosters running around on the street.

In our garden, there are plenty of birds. Our table is regularly visited by a lesser Antillean bullfinch, which looks like a black sparrow with a red belly and by a bananaquit, which looks like an angry sparrow with a yellow belly. They use our hospitality and are thankful for banana slices which are placed for them at the table’s edge.

There are also some animals that are not our pets. I mean ants, which try to steal our baguettes all the time. Good that we have a microwave – it’s a safe place to store bread, where ants cannot find it.

And mosquitos. After a week we already know their habits, but in the beginning, they were really annoying. But it’s not worse than on Polish Mazurian lakes during summer. In the evening we need to use some spray protection and close all the windows. But the good thing is: I think that because of the warmth they are lazier than Polish mosquitos. That means they’re easier to catch.

The electronics

Two days after landing in Guadeloupe we had our first (and hope last) adventure with electronics. Which does not like tropical climates. One of our computers simply refused to cooperate. This computer had already a full right to die after such a long time of proud service, but anyway it would be nice to still have it on board.

We took him to Sainte-Anne, a small city where we live, and tried to find any kind of computer service. We found a small place which combined all kind of different services: Internet café, printing shop, office equipment shop and we tried to get lucky there. The owner, which I think didn’t like people from abroad, kept our computer for a few days and tried to figure out what gets wrong.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything, but he advised us what could be broken. So next days we plan a trip to a bigger city with (yay!) bigger shops and hopefully, we will find there our solution. Cross fingers!

The time

The time goes its own way on small islands. It’s lazier and doesn’t care about anything. We partly fall into this trap. It’s already a week when we’re here, but we feel like we came yesterday. And a month ago at the same time. Yesterday we were wondering if it’s still Thursday or maybe Sunday already. That’s a really funny feeling.

It is the first time when we’re abroad for so long together and when we really have time for everything. We enjoy the possibility of simply relax for the whole day instead of going to the next place, because “there is so much to see and so little time”.

I only hope we will not miss our ferry to the next destination in the end of the month.

Dominika and Mariusz with the Caribbean Sea in the background - Sunday in Wonderland blog
Cheers from Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe!

I also hope that you enjoyed this first post and that you relaxed a bit thanks to it. I will be really happy knowing that you read my stories so every comment and sharing on social media will be truly welcome! Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to not miss any further post.

Thank you for being here!