During the year there is plenty of occasions to bestow our beloved ones. Birthdays, Christmas, national and international holidays… But these days, more and more conscious people refuse to buy unnecessary items powered only by intention and traditions. Now it’s the time to make our shopping decisions more reasonable and change that unwanted stuff into sustainable gifts ideas.

That’s why I prepared this list of practical and sustainable gifts ideas for female travelers. Take a look through it and find a present inspiration for your girlfriend, mom, sister or any other woman who aims to lead a zero waste and environment-friendly life. But remember! Do a little research before purchasing a product. Because maybe she already has this item? But if not, let this list be your gift guide among eco-friendly gifts.

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Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women who love to travel

The sustainable gifts ideas for female travelers

Nonmaterial gifts for the soul

Let’s open our gift guide with some exceptional sustainable gifts. Have you already be thinking about giving a nonphysical gift for your loved ones? The ideas which you find below will surprise your girl for sure! And might become the most memorable gifts ever!

#1 Sponsor her an activity or a tour

What gift could be better for a traveler as travel itself? If you want to make a good and sustainable gift for your girlfriend, mom, or sister, you can simply sponsor her a fascinating guided tour for her next journey! A fancy glass of champagne and small talk with a private guide on the Eiffel Tower’s summit, Italian pasta cooking class with a local in Florence, or a catamaran day-trip among the Thai islands will definitely make her day!

And you don’t need to choose the activity on your own. Get Your Guide – a tour company – offers personalized gift cards to use for any of the tours on their website. This gift will allow your girl to freely choose which tour will be the most interesting for her.

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A girl in a summer hat standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

#2 TrustedHousesitters membership

House sitting is a perfect opportunity for travelers who would like to save some money on accommodation. Plus, it is a great option for house and animal owners to find caretakers for their possession when they would like to have a vacation too. The idea of house sitting is a great win-win for both sides. So membership in the most popular house sitting opportunities website – TrustedHousesitters – is a great sustainable gift for a traveler.

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#3 Online Course

Self-development is a part of the life of a conscious traveler. The Internet is now filled with diverse online courses, including traveling aspects. A Udemy travel course might be another great idea for a non-physical, so zero waste gift. What the course could be about? Everything! Travel safety, travel diary writing, travel photography. Anything that will make a woman’s travel more meaningful and pleasant.

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#4 Travel destination guide – ebook

Destination guides still are a good friend of frequent travelers. Maybe your girl-friend will also be glad to receive a guidebook for a destination she’s going to visit next?

Lonely Planet publications, besides traditional paper books, sell ebooks as well. You’ll find tons of detailed guidebooks and other travel-related gifts by clicking here!

Waste-reducing sustainable gifts

#5 Filtering Water Bottle

Reusable utensils are essential nowadays. The filtering water bottle is a great travel item that helps save a lot of plastic bottles and money. It perfectly helps to keep the body hydrated for the whole day. And the best thing about it is that it’s safe to pass through the security gates at the airport with no content and be filled up with water in a waiting area’s bathroom.

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#6 Natural Cosmetics

Cosmetics are obvious and popular gifts for women. But if you want to give a sustainable gift for traveling women, the best will be products with natural ingredients. And preferably with easily recyclable packaging. I am a minimalist if it comes to beauty routines, so my best everyday cosmetic to use is an olive oil-based soap like Aleppo Soap for instance. Its composition almost did not change for thousands of years, and its main ingredients are olive oil and laurel oil. Personally, I use 5% or 20% of the laurel oil concentration, both for body and hair. Natural and minimalist!

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#7 Stainless Steel Razor

Another must-have item in a toiletry bag of the zero waste traveler. Stainless steel razor not only will bring more elegance to the bathroom routines, but also will significantly decrease the bathroom waste. Instead of using single-use razor it’s better to choose a stainless steel item which can be used for years. And after this totally recycled!

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Wanna know other items of my zero waste travel toiletry bag? Check out my ultimate checklist!

#8 Menstrual Cup

I think menstrual cups are the best eco-trend of last year. Even if they were actually invented in 1932, it’s today, when they gain true popularity. And they deserve it in 100% because they make a period of time incredibly easier to live through. Moreover, the menstrual cup will reduce a lady’s plastic waste to zero. It’s finally time to say goodbye to single-use pads and tampons.

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#9 4Ocean Bracelet

Even if the woman that you want to give a gift to is not a jewelry fan, I’m pretty sure she will be excited to receive the 4Ocean bracelet. The 4Ocean company was established by two friends. The idea came when they were surfing in Bali, near the beach covered with trash. They get thrilled with the amount of it, so they decided to create a team of people willing to clean the oceans out of plastic pollution. From tons of material, they get from the water they create minimalist bracelets. The money from the sales supports the next ocean cleanings. This initiative works amazingly and everyone can support 4Ocean by purchasing a bracelet.


#10 Reusable Cutlery

Let’s continue going out with own utensils. Having a reusable cutlery set these days is a must-have for travelers so it is also a perfect sustainable gift idea. Personally, I use a plastic set that I bought before turning zero waste. But now I would rather recommend wooden reusable cutlery. Stainless steel might be good too unless the bestowed person will not carry them in hand luggage at the airport. A steel knife in a plane? A big no-no.

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#11 Refillable Bottles

People living a sustainable life often produce their cosmetics themselves or purchase the biggest possible beauty product volumes to reduce the amount of packaging. But for a short journey, they need only a little bit of favorite liquids. So, in this case, refillable bottles come with help. A traveler can fill them with the necessary cosmetic, and simply wash them after emptying. Then, they’re ready for the next use.

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Simply adorable travel gear

#12 Comfortable backpack

Personally, I travel with CabinZero a backpack. It’s super flexible and comfortable. And moreover, it was designed to fit the airplane cabin luggage requirements. I travel with CabinZero Vintage model (you can read my review by clicking here) but I would recommend the Adventure model as well for the most demanding travelers.

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Pakowanie się jedynie w bagaż podręczny w dwumiesięczną podróż po Karaibach - Sunday in Wonderland Blog
Me and my CabinZero on our way to the Caribbean

#13 Passport Holder

Keeping documents safe during travel is one of the most important things while being abroad. Passport holder maybe will not save those document from theft, but for sure will rescue them being devastated in a bag. Moreover, long-term travelers surely appreciate having a dose of style and class while being far away from home. A beautiful leather passport holder will be a perfect gift for a woman who enjoys stylish items when her packaging capacity is limited to the most essential stuff. And when the gift is made of the quality leather, then probably it will serve for many years.

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#14 The story about another female traveler

An inspiring book is always a great idea when it comes to gifts for travelers. The more it’s inspiring when the more we can identify with the main character. So the best gift solution for traveling women will be the history of another traveling woman.

Personally, I loved the story of Robyn Davidson – “Tracks”. The author lived through an amazing adventure, marching solo through the Australian desert in a company of a few camels and a dog only. This wonderful journey starting in Alice Springs will definitely open anyone’s mind and diminish the importance of everyday sorrows.

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#15 Packing Cubes

A well-organized bag or suitcase is something that makes a traveler’s life sweet. Packing cubes are great items to keep the bag’s content under control. The market still misses some stylish linen or cotton cubes, but packing cube made of recycled materials also can perfectly do the job.

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Wanna know more about the travel packing? Take a sneak peek of my hand luggage only packing list!

#16 The most comfortable travel shoes ever

I am not a fashion person, but Sperry Top-Sider sailing shoes are my best shoes ever. And they are perfect for a lightweight travel style. Their classic design is elegant enough for city walks but at the same time, they’re amazingly comfortable. Non-slippery slope and fast drying making them ideal even for a jungle hike. And the biggest plus – there is no glue in them, and each material part is sewed. Which makes them pretty easy to repair after a hard journey. Sustainable to the limit.

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Sperry Top-Sider sailing shoes in the water
My dear Sperrys during a jungle hike in Martinique, in the Caribbean

#17 Travel Jewelry

Most of the women love jewelry. Even if they are minimalists, they may appreciate a small shiny gift related to traveling. And when this gift could be personalized, for instance with the favorite travel quote, then it gains the sentimental dimension. So exceptional travel jewelry might be a good idea for your traveling girlfriend.

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Finding the best sustainable gifts for female travelers

I hope this list will help you make a decision on sustainable gifts for a woman. If there is anything you would add to this list, let me know in a comment!

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