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Cute printable travel planner

The All-in-One

Travel Planner

The complete pack of travel planning cheat sheets for independent travelers so that you can stay well-organized and plan your next travel in every tiny detail.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your flights and accommodation are already booked and now you wanna take the next step in planning your fabulous trip but you don’t know where to start?
  • Your suitcase is already so full of stuff that it doesn’t wanna close anymore but you still have this alarming feeling “I must forget something”?
  • During the vacation you were looking forward to so much, you feel stressed and overwhelmed with the number of attractions to see and the limited time you have left in your destination?

If you answered YES to any of the above, the Travel Planner is all you need right now!

I understand your feelings. I’ve been there. Planning travel on your own might be a tough task. You need to think about accommodation, transportation, meals on the road, tourist attractions, visas, passports, packing lists, insurances, and much other stuff!

But travel planning doesn’t have to be a pain. With the right cheat sheets, it can be a lot of fun. I can help you to make it a stress-free process and change it into one of the most exciting parts of your journey!

Let me introduce you…

Delightful Travel Planner!

The only planning and organizing cheat sheets pack you need before your next travel!

What’s included in this travel planner?

  • 25+ in total useful cheat sheet pages to help you plan a phenomenal trip
  • Packing and travel preparation lists both prefilled and blank for your choice
  • Destination overviews with the most important information and places to visit
  • Emergency, accommodation, and transport information
  • Daily, monthly and road trip planners
  • House- and pet-sitters’ guide
  • Travel budget planner and tracker + money-saving schedules
  • Your personal travel resume and travel bucket list
  • Digital product – instant download of PDF format ready to print in A4 or A5. In a few seconds in your hands!
  • BONUS: interactive and customizable “to-do before travel” checklist to use on your mobile and computer
  • Further free updates to this particular product
25+ pages of printable travel planner

25+ printable pages!


To do before travel mobile checklist

BONUS: customizable
“to-do before travel”

Who am I to be telling you this?

I’m Dominika, a traveler and a founder of Sunday In Wonderland travel blog.

My specialty? I take out as much as possible from each trip. Before turning into freelancing and travel writing to gain the location independence, I was able to travel up to 7 destinations abroad on 7 different trips during 12 months while still working a full-time job in Poland!

Now I help other short- and long- term travelers to chase their dream and travel the world.

As seen in:

Is this travel planner right for you?

Some people are doing pretty well in travel planning without any external help. Although, this Travel Planner is perfect for you if:

You’re new to independent travel planning and want to make everything right from the beginning.

Planning a trip for you and your family or friends scares you and you want to have a well-structured plan so the process will go smoothly and with no stress.

You always forget to pack something important, or check the museum opening hours, or struggle with planning a rational travel schedule and want to finally be better organized so you can sit down and relax.

You're only a few clicks away from:

  • a perfectly organized travel
  • beautifully designed inspiration + free bonus
  • actionable steps to plan your next amazing journey

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