While most of us are still in a winter mood, soon we will warm up by the love festival. Red hearts, wonderful flowers, cute cuddly toys will be all around us again. Valentine’s Day in Europe comes in a few days, so if you plan to make a surprise for your sweetheart, you should better start to think about it now.

For people who love travels, wandering and city breaks, this year will be a great occasion to spend some more time together with a beloved one. 14th February falls in Thursday in 2019, and you travel lovers know what it means.

A great opportunity to have a long weekend!

Today I am gonna to tempt you to carry away your boyfriend or girlfriend in some lovely place. I asked a few other travel bloggers to pick a city that they can recommend for spending Valentine’s Day in Europe. Take a look on their list: maybe it will inspire you for a last minute city break.

For each place I will also show you an accommodation proposal from Airbnb, if you would be interested in checking out the sleeping opportunities. And I can also give you a 23€ discount for your first stay with Airbnb!

Budapest, Hungary

By Inna Nedostupenko | Executive Thrillseeker

What is the most romantic city in Eastern Europe? The first answer that comes to mind is Budapest. Gorgeous bridges over the winding Danube are luring you for a walk during sunset. Old theaters and palaces, cozy streets, filled with the aroma of coffee and spicy Hungarian dishes. All this takes you into a charming world of Hungarian romance. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with Budapest at first sight!

Visiting Thermal springs is a perfect way to start your morning

Hungary can be called a giant spa resort as only in Budapest itself there are 27 equipped thermal baths. Some of them were built in the 16th century, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The most famous is the Széchenyi bath and the bathhouse on Mount Gellert. Both are extremely popular both with locals and tourists. Gellert Bath offers a romantic treat for couples – rental of a private room with a thermal bath, fruit and sparkling wine are included too.

During the day make sure to explore the Fisherman’s Bastion

Located on the top of the hill on the Buda side of the city, the bastion is a snow-white stone complex with Disney-style turrets, stairs, and terraces. The fortress was built in the nineteenth century exclusively for decorative purposes. In the Middle Ages, the fish market was located here, whence the bastion got its name. It is safe to say that this is the most charming place in the city, with a balustrade which offers a five-star view of the Danube, Parliament and the Pest side.

Danube Embankment

Danube Embankment is, perhaps, the most romantic place in the city. A walk along the promenade in the evening will give you unforgettable sights of the city plunging into the whirlpool of night lights, the Chain Bridge reflecting in the waters of Danube, and the building of the Buda Palace rising above the city. Danube Embankment is an ideal place for a stroll in the evening together with your significant other. Along the embankment, you will see unusual sculptures, monuments, and modern installations.

Romantic weekend in Budapest for Valentine's Day - Sunday In Wonderland Travel Blog

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Rome, Italy

By James Ian | Travel Collecting

Rome is an incredibly romantic city and the perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day in Europe city break. The very word ‘romance’ originally meant ‘in the Roman style’. Rome has tiny medieval lanes that are perfect to wander in, delicious food, charming views, and fun activities to do together.

I love sharing food, and Rome has many places for romantic moments, including enjoying a pizza for two and a glass of red wine for lunch at the cute Osteria Dell Anima in a narrow street behind Piazza Navona and having a romantic candlelit dinner at La Carbonara in the Campo di Fiori. Continue the food theme with a fun shared experience – take a pasta making class. The class starts with a glass of sparkling wine on the rooftop terrace of a central Roman apartment and ends with a delicious dinner of the pasta you made.

The city seen from above

I also find views incredibly romantic and my favorite spot in Rome is the restaurant on the rooftop of the Capitoline Museum. The museum itself is worth visiting for the famous statues of Romulus and Remis feeding from the She-wolf and the views of the forum from the balcony, but sitting in the café on the roof, having a glass of wine and pizza with incredible views of the rooftops of Rome, with the domes of churches poking out above the other buildings is, for me, pure romance.

The other perfect place for views is the rooftop of Saint Peter’s Cathedral. St. Peters is full of tourists, but few make it to the roof. After climbing inside the dome, and enjoying 360° views of the Vatican and Rome from the cupola, walk to the front of the roof and get up close and personal with the enormous statues that overlook Saint Peter’s Square, with views over the square and Rome beyond. It can be chilly in February, but there will be few people to disturb your romantic moments. Back on the ground, from Ponte Umberto I, there is another gorgeous view of the Tiber River with the dome of Saint Peter’s in the background.

There are no shortage of places and experiences that make Rome such a romantic city.

Valentine's Day in Europe - Romantic view from rooftops in Rome, Italy - Sunday In Wonderland Travel Blog

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London, England

By Vanessa Hunt | Wanderlust Crew

While most couples might gravitate towards Paris or Rome when they are looking for a romantic city getaway, I think London is actually the perfect place to spend some quality time with your significant other. For couples interested in history, good food, amazing museums, beautiful architecture, and epic romances it’s a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day in Europe.

London is the backdrop to one of the greatest royal romances between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who were deeply in love and had 9 kids together! Take a walk around the Albert Memorial, which was erected by Queen Victoria after Albert’s death. You can then visit the beautiful historic Kensington Palace and relive their love story.

London is full of beautiful parks and English gardens where you can take a romantic stroll. If you’re hungry you can have a picnic in St. James Park while enjoying a beautiful view of Buckingham Palace. You can even purchase a picnic hamper from Fortnum and Mason.

If the weather gets wet, you can wander through one of the many museums in the city. There are also hundreds of world-class restaurants to choose from. If you love afternoon tea, splashing out at the Ritz is very romantic! When you’re finished with dinner, you can catch a West End show!

How to plan Valentine's Day in Europe - London Big Ben in romantic flowers - Sunday In Wonderland Travel Blog

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Amiens, France

By Helene D’Souza | Masala Herb

Amiens is a medieval city located in the North of France, about 1 1/2 hours from Paris. The city is known for the most beautiful cathedral, very French inner-city lanes, amazing food, and the romantic gardens. Amiens is at times also called the Venice of the North because of the boat lanes in the floating gardens.

Take a walk across the old city and enjoy real crepes with your loved one or discover the gardens and the view. The French president’s love story unfolded in Amiens making it one of the few secret romantic travel destinations for Valentine’s Day in Europe. If you enjoy discovering together the local culture and its history, then I recommend you visit the Amiens Cathedral. You can also go to the top of the cathedral to overlook the city.

Another great tip is to enjoy a local meal, the food is outstanding in Amiens. If you love shopping then you will have a ball of a time in the city center. The city and its people have an unknown romantic core and are a must visit if you are looking for a relaxed romantic gateway.

Amiens Cathedral in France - How to plan Valentine's Day in Europe - Sunday In Wonderland Travel Blog

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Saint Petersburg, Russia

By Luda Berdnyk | Adventures With Luda

I nominate Saint Petersburg, Russia, for a Valentine’s Day trip.

It might not be one of the first options that you think of when you hear the word “romantic,” but I promise it will be!

First off, St. Petersburg is romantic because of the gorgeous architecture, lovely canals, and atmosphere of the city. If you visit during the White Nights festival in the summer, the sun doesn’t set until midnight! You could walk around the whole day and, if you’re lucky, see the Scarlett Sails festival that’s full of lights, music, and a grand finale show. Don’t forget to kiss when you see the fireworks!

If you’re not traveling during the White Nights, no worries – there are plenty of other romantic things to do in Saint Petersburg. First, check into a historical hotel (there are plenty of “palace hotels” in the city) before visiting the Hermitage. In the evening, take your lover on a romantic cruise along Saint Peterburg’s canals before ending with a show at the Mariinsky Theater. Have a few extra days? You can also take a day trip to Peterhof, which is a collection of palaces and gardens about 40 kilometers from the city – in fact, it’s been called the “Versailles of Russia”!

Fun fact: did you know that the city of Saint Petersburg loves cats? It’s true – ask any local! There’s even a famous cat statue called Yelisei that sits near the Eliseyev Emporium on Malaya Sadovaya street. According to local superstition, you should make a wish and throw money at Yelisei’s feet. If it lands, your wish will come true.

Saint Petersburg Architecture in Russia - Valentine's Day in Europe - Sunday In Wonderland Travel Blog

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Hallstatt, Austria

By Bradley Williams | Dream Big Travel Far

In my opinion, Hallstatt is easily one of Europe’s top most romantic destinations. In recent years, thanks to the help of Instagram and Pinterest, it has become one of Austria’s most recognizable spots. It’s located right on the edge of Lake Hallstättersee, which is spectacular all year round. Most notably, in the winter.

By visiting around Valentine’s Day, you are still well within Hallstatt’s snowy seasons, making for some incredible photo opportunities and a really romantic atmosphere. Though Hallstatt is not particularly big, there is plenty enough to do for 2 days. This includes perusing the boutique stores that fills the streets, heading out on the river, and walking up to 5 Fingers point.

From up there, you have panoramic views out across not just Hallstatt, but also the surrounding mountains. You’ll find plenty of pleasant hotels to stay in and ample restaurants to dine in at night. But perhaps my favorite thing to do in Hallstatt with my partner is to find a cafe by the lake and enjoy a hot drink whilst gazing out at the glorious views of the lake.

Hallstättersee Lake in Hallstatt, Austria for Valentine's Day - Sunday In Wonderland Travel Blog

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Unlimited romantic opportunities for Valentine’s Day in Europe

Of course, when you’re with a person you love, the place and time doesn’t matter. But I think that any occasion is good to take a city break, and this year, Valentine’s Day in Europe creates a perfect opportunity.

So go ahead! Find you flight by clicking below and start to pack your hand luggage because you still have some time to plan your romantic trip.

And what would be your perfect romantic destination? Share it in a comment!

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