It is so nice that you would like to now more about me. Feel free to take a look on my short story of taking decision to change the lifestyle. Maybe it will inspire you to change something too. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time in North Poland there lived a girl. She graduated from a good high school and went to a fine university. She was rather shy and introvertive but had a head full of ideas. Student times made her more open to the world and created a new dream for her – a dream of multiple lifes. She decided to truly left her comfort zone for the first time. And try to live abroad. And so she participated the Erasmus program.

The story begins

Half year in France. Orealn was a perfect place for this first big challenge. That period meant a lot to me.

Before the Erasmus I was kind of a shy person, but when I found myself in a situation where I was alone in a foreign country, where almost no one was speaking my mother language, suddenly I needed to handle with it on my own.

And guess what. I did it pretty well. My language barrier dissapeared, I started to talk in two other languages that I had never chance to practically use before. I get new relationships and friends. Studying on the another university and living in another country made me more confident about my abilities to asimilate. And showed me that living abroad was not so scary as it seemed to be and that people with their beliefs and habits, in fact, are similar everywhere.

I felt really good that time. Have you been watching “L’auberge espagnole”? Do you remember one of the last scenes, when Xavier is back to France and is passing by the group of international students? He sighs so pitifully. I was laughing when I saw it for the first time in high school. But I understood his hollow when I came back from my own expedition.

Playing with international challenges gives a lot of fun. Since that time I had few other adventures that I really apprecaited. Now I think it was quite obvious that after time I would need more.

Inspiration, solo travelling and Sunday

Since Erasmus I’ve been travelling only a little bit. Like tourists used to do. But in March of 2017 I finally went to a great event having place in my home town, Gdynia.

The event is called Kolosy (eng. Colossuses) and it’s the festival of Polish National Meetings of Travelers, Sailors and Alpinists. I was totally enchanted by the stories told by great people with a lot of amazing experience. After the festival I was truly inspired to do something amazing in my life too.

Also then I decided to write a blog one day. I actually promised it to someone.

Maybe I will never be a great Traveler with a capital “T”, but I wanted to travel more. The next mile stone in my life was quite spontaneous trip to Romania. I just found cheap flight tickets from Warsaw to Bucharest and I didn’t hesitate. Any of my friends was available on that time so… I decided to go there on my own. And that was a good decision.

Once again, I convinced myself that doing something on your own is not so big deal. And in fact I was not alone. Thanks to couchsurfing I have met great people. With two of them I spent few days in a rented car traversing the land of Dracula.

Some might think it was crazy (and sometimes I think so too) to travel with strangers in a foreign country. But at the end it turns out that people are not always willing to kill you on the road. Most of them are like you or me. They are open-minded and they also want to experience an adventure.

I had a really great time in Romania. Totally free, packed in a small backpack only. Going wherever I wanted to go. And during that trip I also get a new nickname. Which was Sunday.

Why? Sunday in Romanian is called Duminică. Quite similar to Dominika, right? One of my travel companions thought it was really funny and started to call me Sunday. And what I thought that it was a really nice beginning of my future blogging.

Not so solo anymore

Romania was cool. But even cooler was something that happend few weeks later. And sometimes you just don’t have another option that fall really deeply…

I have met Mariusz right after the day when I decided to not look for love anymore and to choose a career of a pretty nice tanned madwoomen running a shelter for baby kangaroos somewhere in Australia. And that was the perfect timing for the fate, right?

When we first met he was a truly stay-at-home person. When I told him that one year from now I will be living on Caribbean, he thought that it was just my silly excuse to not date anymore.

But what you can do when you meet a person who shares your passion for chocolate? Who listens your best kind of music? Who is so gentle and dear that you melts immediately?

So last year we have been travelling a little bit together and we loved it! Italy, Malta, Tenerife, Montenegro, all of those short trips were wonderful.

And yeah! Guess who is in the Caribbean with me right now.

Caribbean dream

And now we’re in nowadays. In the middle of my plan to trying a new life as a digital nomad. When I first found this concept of living I was totally fascinated. I was dreaming about joining this community one day.

So here I am. I quit my full-time job to look for a happiness as a solopreneur. My main goal is to be location-independet. Hopefully it will work, so please, cross fingers for me!

And why Caribbean? Well, it was my dream for at least two last years. Sometimes you don’t have any rational reason to go somewhere. You just feel you must. So together mith Mariusz we had plan this trip and we really believe this will be the first big adventure of our lives.

I will be really happy if you’ll enjoy reading my blog. We will start with two months on Guadeloupe and Martinique, beautiful islands in overseas departments of France. So sit down, relax and join me in my journey!