Traveling inarguably gives happiness to all of us. And these days, when we are looking for new travel destinations inspiration, we usually go to Google first. I did the same while planning my first truly long voyage. Before visiting the French Antilles, I read multiple Caribbean travel blogs and collected as much information as it was possible.

So now I share with you my favorite Caribbean travel blogs and articles. Visit them necessarily before visiting the islands. They will give you a massive bulk of where to go, what to see, and how to pack for your Caribbean adventure. Some blogs are in English and some are in Polish, but I am pretty sure that everyone will find there something interesting.

A pier over the Caribbean Sea - Best Caribbean Travel Blogs to follow and to help you plan your trip to the Caribbean

Best of The Caribbean Travel Blog:

Goats On The Road

Dariece and Nick are my gurus if it comes to traveling the world and blogging about it. This Canadian couple is on the road for 11 years already. They started the blog Goats On The Road in 2012 in Thailand, and from that time, their website grew into a place filled with stories from all around the world. They also share a lot of useful tips and information about the practical side of traveling.

During their travels, Goats felt in love with on of charming Caribbean islands. Currently, Grenada is their favorite stop between travels. In their Central America & The Caribbean blog section, you will find lots of stories about how to travel in Grenada, as well as other Caribbean islands.

Życie Pod Palmami

When an idea of moving abroad started to sprout in my head, I found a blog of Katarzyna – Życie Pod Palmami. She was the first person who inspired me to live in the Caribbean for a while. She herself has been living in Guadeloupe for a few years now. And her blog is a pill of information about the practical aspects of living on this island.

From her blog I get all of the most essential information, that led me to gathering my own knowledge about Guadeloupe and Martinique. Her story about moving to the Caribbean is incredibly inspiring. When visiting her blog you will learn to rethink your life and focus on its most essential aspects.

The Traveling Island Girl

Riselle was born in Curaçao and she is a native blogger from the Caribbean region. She knows pretty much everything about this part of the world and her amazing blog – The Traveling Island Girl – is a great place for everyone who would like to be inspired. She writes a lot about the island lifestyle, travels, and joy. In her colorful articles, you will find plenty of information about different Caribbean islands, their best features, and places to visit.

Caribbean Travel Blog

Nicole and Micheal are a couple coming from Australia. They travel the world for a while but they started to write the Caribbean Travel Blog because this region enchanted them specially. On their website, you will find a lot of advice about traveling on the islands and you will have a great opportunity to enlarge your bucket list with a few new positions.

Karaiby Oczami Badacza

Paulina represents a personality mix of curious scientist and brave traveler. She also decided to tie her destiny with the Caribbean when she was not currently in travel. Her blog – Karaiby Oczami Badacza – is a repository of knowledge about the Caribbean culture and anthropology.

If you would like to dive deeper into the Caribbean travel, you must check out her articles about the islands. Paulina will intrigue you with stories about mysterious hoodoo religion, fascinating history of the people living on the islands, and the most interesting aspects of living in this part of the world.

Ordinary Traveler

Ordinary Traveler is another Caribbean Travel Blog which is a great source of practical travel tips for traveling in this region. Christy and Scott, coming from San Diego, started their blog in 2009. They mastered combining full-time jobs with traveling the world. So there is a lot of things that you can learn from them.

In addition, their Caribbean section gathers the most practical information about how to travel in this region. You will find there destination guides, packing lists, and best things to do on many islands.

Basia Szmydt

Basia is a lifestyle blogger who in 2017 had an opportunity to spend six months in Guadeloupe with her husband and kids. She is a great example that you can make some big changes in your life even if you have a family already.

Her blog posts about the Caribbean will give you a huge dose of inspiration for brave moves. You will find there some subjective opinions about the island, but also a bunch of practical stuff, which will help you in planning your own trip with the whole family.

Ready to travel to the Caribbean?

So, are you ready to start planning your own trip to the Caribbean?

When I was at this stage, I read tons of articles about the French Antilles. I chose this direction because it’s probably the easiest one for beginner digital nomads coming from Europe. And because there is a lot of information about Guadeloupe and Martinique on the Internet.

Following mentioned blogs will give you lots of inspiration, but also practical tips about traveling in the Caribbean region. Now, after spending two months on the islands, I can give you some advice too:

So how you think? Which Caribbean islands would be the perfect one for you?

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