Didier Waterfall in Martinique not always is indicated on must-see lists of the island. Nevertheless, it is a place worth seeing. The visit gives us also a spark of adrenaline since the main way of entrance is actually… forbidden.

The path covers also other surprises like a dark tunnel which is a home for bats. But in the end, it will reward us with a beautiful view of Didier Waterfall and Cascade and its chilly water.

Didier Waterfall and Cascade - How to get there - Sunday In Wonderland Blog

Didier Waterfall – how to find a starting point?

The best way to get to Didier Waterfall and Cascade is to go there by car. Since we didn’t rent a car in Martinique, we needed to find another way to get there. Fortunately, there are plenty of other solutions if you have an open mind. Thanks to Couchsurfing features that you can use on their official website, we were able to find other travelers visiting the island at the same time. And that’s how we met a great Polish family travelling with a 5 year-old boy.

They let us join them on their car trip to Didier Waterfall. Thanks to couchsurfers’ community we were able to get to this beautiful spot and gained amazing travel buddies for two days of visiting Martinique. But let’s get to the point.

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To reach our destination point you need to head to the North from Fort-de-France. Take the road leading to Jardin de Balata, the botanical garden, but be careful to not going to far. Your goal is to find a water treatment center, so you will need to stray from the main road. Fortunately, the Didier Waterfall and Cascade are indicated in Google Maps.

Once you’re near the water treatment center, try to find a place to park. There is not many of them so the best solution is to go there in the morning. Then pack your swimsuit and lunch and hit the trail.

“You shall not pass” – the forbidden entrance to Didier Waterfall

Once you found the water treatment center, you should look for a huge sign saying Zone interdit and a chain blocking the entrance next to it. It might be scary, cause fines indicated on it are huge, but as far as I know everyone ignore it, even locals. I suppose it might concern more the strict terrain of the water treatment cente since deeper in the forest the path is marked as a trekking trail.

But stay focused here. In the area, there is also a very similar place with the same sign. Firstly we went that direction and after 20 minutes we figured out that we were going the wrong way. So near the street keep looking for a place like on the photo below.

The forbidden access to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

The way down and a really long tunnel

Once you decided to cross the chain and follow the path, you will need to face the challenge of a rocky and muddy way leading down to a stream bridge. Then pass through a jungle. Fortunately, the path is clear enough to get you to another attraction.

At the beginning of a trail to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

After a few whiles of climbing through the jungle plant life, you will face another challenge. A long and dark tunnel will wait for you there. Remember to take some light with you (a torch highly recommended; smartphone light will be enough)! The tunnel is not the easiest to walk through since you must take your steps carefully on two big pipes laying on the ground. There is a railing inside, but it’s broken in the most part of the tunnel’s length. So keep your balance while there!

In front of a tunnel to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

On the Internet, we found memories of previous visitors, that in the tunnel they’ve met some local inhabitants. Like… bats and tarantulas. But don’t worry. We didn’t see any of them. And they say that you need to be really lucky to see a wild tarantula in the forest.

In the tunnel going to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog
A happy traveller in a tunnel leading Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog
Yes, that far light in a distance is the entrance to the tunnel!

Along the riverside

The tunnel was the most challenging part of a trail. When you’ll come back to the sun, turn right and follow the narrow path along the river. From here you can observe an amazing jungle and feel like you’re really far away from the civilization. Maybe besides the pipes appearing from time to time on your way. But they only give a more amazing impression to your expedition.

A path going to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog
Along the river on the way to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

The Didier Cascade – an isolated paradise

Once you’ll climb the steel ladder, you are not so far from your main destination – the first Didier Waterfall. Actually, what you will see will be the Didier Cascade, since the main waterfall is even far away than this place.

Climbing the ladder on the way to Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog
In front of Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

The Cascade Didier looks not so big in photos, but actually, it has few meters in height. Below you can see a short video showing people we met there jumping from the cascade’s top.

Jumping is reserved for brave ones. The basin below the falling water is deep, but not so wide. There is a lot of huge rocks around it, so you need to be really accurate while jumping.

Getting to this destination took us 30-40 minutes. But actually, from here you can take another trail leading to the proper Didier Waterfall. People we met there said that it would take even another hour of walk and that the trail is much more demanding. We were not convinced about taking it. And the less convinced was our little travel buddy, but he had right. That day we didn’t have enough time to go deeper into the jungle. But I highly recommend you do it since this could be so amazing trip!

Sperry sailing shoes in the water in front of Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

The basin’s ground under water was cover by stones. I was so happy with my sailing shoes that they were doing pretty well in these conditions. The water was so cold and refreshing, so it was a challenge to dive into it. And the water stream from the waterfall was really strong so you need to use some force from your legs to stay straight.

The trail to Didier Waterfall and Cascade was a great adventure covered with the excitement of playing Indiana Jones in the tunnel and while entering forbidden paths. And it was really worth our time!

Happy travellers' faces in front of Didier Waterfall - Martinique - Sunday in Wonderland Blog

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Discovering the secret trail to the Didier Waterfall in Martinique, the Caribbean The secret trail to Didier Waterfall in Martinique

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