Wrocław stole my heart during my last trip to this city. Also known as Breslau (in German), it is the capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in Poland.

This romantic city is also called Polish Venice because its center is located near the Oder River with a few charming islands nearby. Personally, this city remembered me a bit Amsterdam with its canals.

Today I am going to share with you some of the best things to do in Wrocław. The city is filled with life, legends, and amazing experiences to enjoy. It is ideal for a lovely city break as well as longer stays since it’s a great location for diverse day trips in the Lower Silesian region.

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As a bonus, at the end of this article, I will give you a bit of advice about moving around the city, finding accommodation, and some other stuff. So keep reading!

Walking on the boulevard near Oder River is one of the best things to do in Wrocław, in Poland

Table of contents:

Best things to do in Wrocław

1. Wandering in the Old Town

Wrocław is well known for its enormous Market Square which is one of the biggest in Europe. It has two town halls and one of them is the biggest in the whole country.

The crowded Market, as well as the rest of the Old Town, is filled with restaurants and café which makes it a perfect place for meetings and nightlife.

In the basement of the City Hall, until 2017, you could enjoy a traditional meal in the oldest restaurant in the whole of Europe – Piwnica Świdnicka. The restaurant was opened for around 745 years, warmly hosting local residents and travelers from all around the world.

Narrow streets of the charming Old Town district keeps many secrets and legends which can make your visit even more meaningful. Wrocław offers many guided tours, including free walking tours, and most of them start nearby the Square Market.

The Square Market in Wrocław, Poland

2. Chasing the Lamplighter in Ostrów Tumski – one of the absolute best things to do in Wrocław

Ostrów Tumski is another important location and visiting is definitely one of the best things to do in Wrocław.

Also known as the Cathedral Island, it is not an island anymore due to Oder River flow changes and expanding of the city infrastructure. But it used to be one when first inhabited in the 10th century, being at the same time the oldest part of the town.

It gathers a few important religious buildings such as the Church of St. Giles, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, or the bishops’ residence.

Small, yet charming area is a perfect place for a walk. Especially in the evening when you can meet the city Lamplighter lightening the historic gas lamps. Meeting him and observing his work is, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting top things to do in Wrocław.

The Lamplighter lightening the ancient gas lamps in Ostrów Tumski, Poland

3. Romantically sigh on the Tumski Bridge

The main pedestrian trail to Ostrów Tumski leads via Tumski Bridge. Which is a place well-recognized on the map of Wrocław. It is an important spot for every lover living in the city. Also called the Lovers’ Bridge.

Besides the authorities’ request of ending the practice, lots of couples in love came to the bridge to hang a padlock with their names on the steel span. They surely believe that this way they’ll make their love eternal. Today, the bridge is almost invisible under thousands of padlocks.

Lovers' padlocks on the Tumski Bridge in Wrocław

4. Visit the baroque interiors of the University in Wrocław

If you’re a fan of the old-time architecture you will surely be delighted by the rich interiors of Wrocław University. Its most magnificent part – the grand ceremonial hall – was named after the founder of the school, Emperor Leopold I – Aula Leopoldina.

At the University you can also visit the Oratorio Marianum and the Mathematical Tower and the permanent exhibitions of the University’s museum. To take out the most post this trip, you can participate in a guided tour in the baroque interiors. Knowledgable guides will answer your most inquisitive questions about the building and its history.

5. Hunt the Dwarfs

Among the Polish people living in other parts of the country, Wrocław is probably the most recognizable for its Dwarfs. Walking in Wrocław, you can meet small Gnomes which, today, are a form of the city’s promotions.

Dwarfs in Wrocław took their origin from the symbols of the Orange Alternative, the anti-communist underground movement which was active in the 1980s.

But nowadays, the Dwarfs have commercial, promotional, and social meaning. Their statues are founded by the city, public institutions, and even private companies. And hunting them is a great idea to have some nice time in Wrocław.

Today, in Wrocław, we can find more than 500 Dwarfs. In the tourist information points and in souvenir shops tourists are able to purchase maps with the Dwarfs location. You can even download the phone app with an interactive Wrocław Dwarfs map which will help you to find all of the little Gnomes in Wrocław.

This is definitely a game for Geocaching lovers.

The Dwarf from Wrocław with a guitar in his hand - Leszko - Guitar Guinness Record
The statue of Dwarf from Wrocław sitting on the horse in front of Racławice Panorama - Panoramik
The statue of 3 Handicape Dwarfs from Wrocław

6. Climb to the Penitents’ Bridge

St. Mary Magdalene Church rises above the city. This Polish Catholic Church is not only known for its architectural features, but also for legends living in its walls.

One of them tells the story which is a warning for vain young women. Between two church’s towers there hangs a bridge where, according to the legends, atone the souls of girls who didn’t want to fulfill their family duties, but who were thinking only about their beauty, new dresses, and balls.

This place is commonly known as the Penitents’ Bridge or Witches’ Bridge. Tourists can climb into it through the gloomy tower staircase. But it’s definitely worth it because the view from the bridge offers the stunning panorama of the whole city.

Tekla and Martynka The Witch on Penitent's Bridge in Wrocław

7. Enjoy the mobile tour around the city

The Old Town of Wrocław is a pretty walkable area. Nevertheless, your legs might hurt a bit after hours of walking. In this situation you can take a benefit of different mobile city tours:

  • bike tour in Wrocław: perfect for you if you’re a fan of two wheels. During this 3-hour bike tour you’ll see the most important spots in the city.
  • segway tour in the Old Town: ideal if you’re tired with walking. On this comfortable vehicle you’ll be able to visit many interesting part of the Old Town in an adorable segway tour.
  • city tour in an electric car: besides walking tours, this is probably the most popular way to see the city. From the electric car you’ll see many city’s gems enjoying stories told by an audioguide in different languages during a delightful tour with a driver.

8. Observe the battle of the Racławice Panorama

The capital of the Lower Silesia is much recognizable for the building which was designed to expose the only single painting. The Racławice Panorama is one of the most popular Polish battle representations and it’s definitely one of a must-see tourist attractions on the map of Wrocław.

The painting is a monumental cycloramic work with a perimeter of 114 meters, and a height of 15 meters. It represents the Battle of Racławice, led by Tadeusz Kościuszko during his Uprising in 1794.

Today, the Racławice Panorama is exposed in a round hall, with an audioguide leading us through the whole scene. The impression is incredible thanks to physical objects in front of the canvas which gives the amazing 3D effect.

The scene from Racławice Panorama in Wrocław, Poland - 3D painting

9. Have some fun in Kolejkowo

Visiting Kolejkowo is one of the best things to do in Wrocław if you inner child still have a lot to say in your head. Kolejkowo is an exhibition with a giant miniature model of railway and trains. It’ll enchant you with almost 400 square meters of a model of Lower Silesia region with more than 500 meters of railway, hundreds of original buildings and thousands of figures of people and animals.

You can try this unique experience on the Świebodzki train station. To know more about this largest railway model in Poland, visit it’s official website.

10. Enjoy the beauty of Szczytnicki Park and Centennial Hall

Szczytnicki Park is one of the biggest parks in Wrocław. It occupies the area of 100 hectares. Definitely worth visiting during any season. In the park, you can also enjoy magnificent Japanese Garden (botanical garden) which delights eyes of any nature lover.

In the park, we can also admire one of the most popular buildings on the map of Polish architecture. The monumental Centennial Hall was built in the early years of the XX century and plays the role of a multi-arena hosting multiple cultural and sports events.

In 2006 the Centennial Hall was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The impressive building is accompanied by the grand pergola, the multimedia fountain, and Four Domes Pavillon, which is a part of Wrocław National Museum. The whole complex is ideal for delightful walks and moments of sightseeing rest.

The Centennial Hall with the multimedia fountain in front
The Centiennal Hall
The pergola surrounding the Centennial Hall in Wrocław
The Pergola
Man balancing with an umbrella on the stone on the water in Japanese Garden in Wrocław, Poland
The Japanese Garden

11. Watch the multimedia fountain light show in Wrocław

The huge fountain, located just next to the Centennial Hall, is also the biggest one in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Regularly, the public is able to watch the amazing show of light and water.

From May until October you’re able to participate in this picturesque spectacle played by 800 lights and 300 water jets. The whole show is accompannied by music and usually starts at full hours during the whole day and evening. The entrance is of course free of charge so it’s one of the best free things to do in Wrocław.

12. Relax on the water in Eco Solar Catamaran

The city is surrounded by the picturesque Oder river. So one of the best things to do in Wrocław is to spend a relaxing evening by the water.

You can do it on the board of one of the popular solar catamarans cruising on the river. This sustainable boats powered by the Sun rays are perfect to see the city from a totally different perspective. Click here to book your criuse in a solar catamaran and gain one more unique experience from Wrocław.

13. Reflect by the Monument of Animals for Slaughter

Small, yet thought-provoking monument we can find in one of charming Old Town’s streets – Stare Jatki. The memorial represents slaughter animals and it was founded for their memory.

In this place, for many years, since Medieval times, inhabitants of the city could buy fresh meat, slaughtered on the site. Today, the charming, in fact, street, is occupied by small galleries and jewelry makers.

The Monument of Slaughtered Animals in Wrocław - Stare Jatki Street

14. Discover some science facts in Hydropolis

If you’re a science curiosities freak, you’ll be happy to visit Hydropolis. This interactive exhibition shows the water and ecological issues on our plant from many interesting perspectives.

In this Center for Ecological Education you’ll learn here why the water is so important and what is its role on the Earth. You’ll also find out many fun facts about the science and ecology. You can book your ticket directly on the Hydropolis’ website.

15. The Quarter of Four Faiths

This unique quarter is located in the Eastern part of the Old Town and its boundaries are limited by streets of Kazimierz Wielki, St. Antoni, Paweł Włodkowic, and St. Mikołaj.

Even if the area is not the formal quarter, the Quarter of Four Faiths represents the place where different religions meet in one location and exist next to each other.

In this small area, we can find the temples of four faiths: Orthodoxy, Roman Catholic, Evangelical-Augsburg Confession, and Judaism. All of them cooperate together by organizing charity events and educate people in the field of tolerance by sharing the cultural paths through the quarter. Which is one of the best things to do in Wroclaw during a thoughtful trip.

The plate representing the Quarter of Four Faiths in Wrocław

16. Taste delicious food

After hours of walking it’s finally time to taste something good! One of the best things to do in Wroclaw is to enjoy the food or beverage city tour. And here are some tasty options for you:

17. Take a day trip from Wrocław

Wrocław is a great starting point for many awesome day trips to Lower Silesia. This Polish region is filled with history, culture, and natural wonders so everyone will find something interesting for himself. Below you’ll find some of the greatest options of things to do in Lower Silesian voivodeship!

Tips on traveling in Wrocław

Now you know what places are worth visiting in Wrocław. Now I want to share with you some other tips and recommendations on accommodation, transportation, and nice places to eat during your exciting trip.

Where to stay in Wrocław?

During my city break in Wrocław, I was living in a small Airbnb apartment. It was very affordable, and the location was great! It was not the center, but the tram stop was just 3 minutes from the building. And it took around 15 minutes to get to the Old Town. I would give you the link to this appartment but unfortunately, it’s no longer available on Airbnb.

Nevertheless, I have got a special gift for you. By clicking here you will receive a 23€ discount for your first Airbnb reservation!

Before booking this accommodation, we were considering a few other options. Some of them were hostels and others were hotels. Hostel Bemma especially took our attention. It is a charming place in the middle of the Old Town. The rooms look cozy, and the opinions are really good.

I have also made a small research of the best hostels in Wrocław in which I would love to stay personally. You can take a look on it by clicking here.

And if you prefer to stay in a hotel in Wrocław, I also made a small research. And this is what I would choose from:

  • Puro Hotel Wrocław Stare Miasto – this hotel stuns with a wonderful retro interiors. Delightful colors, fashionable furniture and perfectly finished details will be perfect for people who like to stay in pleasing places. Check the availability on Booking.com ->
  • Unique Studio at the Old Town – this cute apartment is perfect for people looking for some more homy atmosphere. It’s located near the rivier and finished in a cosy style. Additionally, it’s equipped with a small kitchenette. And the price is really nice! Check the availability on Booking.com ->
  • Art Hotel – if you’re looking for a bit of sophisticated luxury in the Old Town, I recommend you checking in in this elegant place. The rooms have a peaceful yet chic appearance so your stay there will be surrounded by nice interiors. Check the availability on Booking.com ->

Transportation in Wrocław

Taking the train Warsaw to Wrocław is one of the easiest ways to get to this place from the capital and other Polish cities as well. Alternatively, you can use Flixbus which offers many great bus deals in nice prices. Ideal even if you’re going only for some shopping in Wrocław.

Getting around in the city center is extremely easy with the network of buses and trams. You can purchase a temporary ticket which allows you to use public transport for a suitable amount of time.

You can buy those tickets in kiosks or in a vending machine in many tram stops. Remember to activate your ticket in the first tram or bus that you take. After that, you can keep it in a wallet and freely move around the city.

Where to eat in Wrocław?

You will have no problem with finding a good places to eat in Wrocław. Ok, you might have one. The choice of restaurants is so big, that you might get confused.

But during my short trip to Wrocław, I tried some of them, and the food was delicious. So I can recommend them with a light heart as one of the best restaurants in Wrocław (in my humble opinion).

Kociołek – delicious meals from the traditional oven. Their stew is awesome!

Ristorante Capri – their pasta baken with bolognese sauce, mozzarella, green pea, and eggs was delightful.

Czekoladziarnia – my absolute favorite! They serve delicious tasty chocolate drinks and sweets. Definitely worth visiting!

Ready to visit Wrocław?

Wrocław is a charming city, which I highly recommend to visit when you will be traveling in this region of Poland. Its cozy streets are filled with a lively crowd, interesting spots, and many secrets waiting to be discovered. And with the bits of advice for Wroclaw from above your stay will become a great adventure.

And what is your favorite place in Wrocław? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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17 fascinating things to do in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland 17 best things to do in Wrocław, Poland!

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