Charming buildings, romantic channels, and incredible views – all of these wait for you during your Venice 2 days trip. I know that two days in Venice is not much to get to know the city really well. But it’s enough to completely fell in love with it!

When I planned this Venice 2 days itinerary during my week-long trip to Northern Italy, I was a bit afraid that Venice is a totally overrated place. Thousands of tourists, soulless commerce, and high prices made me think that maybe it’s not that worth the effort.

But believe me, it definitely is!

Venice made a great impression on me and Mariusz, and it totally stole our hearts. And I think it will do the same for you.

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So in this post, you can check out our 2-day Venice itinerary. We visited some of the less famous places, so I think I can call it an off-the-beaten-track trip. Nevertheless, we had a chance to see the popular Venice pearls too. So browse this post, note the places, and remember the tips on traveling to Venice that I give you at the bottom of the post. And you’re ready to go. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. That means that if you click on them or make any purchase via them, I receive a small commission. But don’t worry, this will not cost you anything and in a few cases, you can even receive a special discount! And I will still be able to chase my dreams. So thank you!

How many days in Venice?

Many of you might wonder “how many days in Venice? How many days do you need in Venice?”. Well, this question is very important when you’re planning a trip to Italy.

Venice is a marvelous place. Your vacation is probably limited somehow but you should really carefully plan your visit to Venice so the time you spent there won’t be too short. So you will have enough of it to see all the best landmarks of this fascinating city.

But don’t worry, even if you’re going to spend in Venice 2 days only, you will get a chance to feel the spirit of the city. And this 2-day itinerary in Venice will help you create your own visiting plan, so you will benefit from your time to the fullest.

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Best time to visit Venice

Venice is beautiful in full sun. So visiting it in warm months is definitely a good idea. Yet, I would recommend late Spring or early Autumn the most. In the summertime, the number of tourists is, of course, the highest. According to Europe for Visitors, July and August are the most crowded months in Venice. May-June and September-October are still pretty crowded, yet the situation is a bit better.

I was doing my Venice 2 days itinerary in September 2019. And, of course, the surroundings of the most popular landmarks and attractions were full of people. Yet, the neighborhoods, that are not so well promoted by the touristic guides, were very pleasant to walk through. And in fact, the moments, of leaving the labyrinth of paths and small canals, and eventually reaching the main communication ways, was a vibrant experience.

Venice is a city that lives thanks to the colorful masses of visitors. In the past ages, they were international merchants. And now, we – tourists and travelers – make the city so lively.

Walking along the Grand Canal in Venice: Things to do in Venice 2 days itinerary

Must-sees in Venice – 2 days trip

Before we jump to the complete 2 days itinerary in Venice, I will present you with some of the most remarkable landmarks of this city. Those are, of course, only a few of the best things to do in Venice.

Canal Grande

This is all that’s Venice about. The Canal Grande is, as its name suggests, the biggest canal in the city. Venice was built on a few islands, yet due to the specific terrain, the main communication routes lead on water instead of land. The islands, even the biggest one of them, where the heart of Venice is located, are cut with canals. And the Canal Grande is the most majestic of all of them and goes through the center of the city with a few picturesque curves.

Check out this tour: Traditional Shared Gondola Experience in Canal Grande

St. Mark’s Square

Since Canal Grande isn’t really a specific place but rather the overall city landmark, St. Mark’s Square is definitely a spot on the map that is often the first-go-to-place for many guide tours.

It is the most important place for many events that took place in the modern history of Venice. This huge piazza gathers around some of the most remarkable buildings in the city: St. Mark’s Basilica, Doges Palace, and Torre dell’Orologio. Nothing surprising that it is usually one of the most crowded places in Venice.

Yet its beauty and majesty are definitely worth passing through the crowd.

St. Mark’s Basilica

I think there is not too much exaggeration in naming St Mark’s Basilica the most important building in Venice. Located in a very representative place, at St. Mark’s Square, it stands there for almost a thousand years (it was created in the year 1094).

The incredibly sophisticated details, beautiful frescos, and overall architecture present a wonderful example of Byzantine work and art.

Doges Palace

Visiting the Doges Palace is definitely one of my favorite things to do in Venice. From a distance, you can say that the palace looks even modest. It reminds me of a jewelry box. Yet, when you come closer…

The facade is covered with marvelous ornaments, and beautiful details carved in stone. Elegant loggias surround the building from the side of Piazzetta and the quay. The interiors of the Doges Palace are fantastic as well. They remind the fame and greatness of Venice that was an independent republic for many centuries. Visiting Venice and not entering this place will be a thing that you will regret a lot.

Check out this tour: Doge Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica: Skip The Line Tour with Terrace Access

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is the particular Venice landmark that is probably #1 on Instagram when it comes to travel photos from this city. Wanna know my theory why? I think most people conceive it to be a very romantic place, where people sigh to each other from love.

Well, the truth is a bit different. The name of the bridge comes from the fact that it connects the Doges Palace, which was also a place of justiciary in the past centuries, with… a prison. So the sighs were actually made by the prisoners that were sentenced to jail and guided directly to their cells. Ain’t that romantic anymore, huh?

Yet, this place is still great to visit and you can actually go through the prisoner’s path on the same ticket that guarantees you the entrance to the Doges Palace.

Ponte di Rialto

The view of Ponte di Rialto is present on many postcards from Venice. And it’s nothing weird since it’s truly a fascinating architectural object.

This amazing bridge, built n 1590, is partially roofed, and offers someplace for small businesses, currently mostly souvenir and jewelry shops. It’s located in the middle of Canal Grande and even though it’s always besieged by tourists, it’s a great experience to pass it even only once during your 2-days Venice itinerary.

Murano and Burano islands

Venice spreads much farther away than only the Canal Grande. Other important places among the must-sees in Venice are Murano and Burano islands. They are often called the most colorful islands of Europe. And there is a grain of truth in this.

Those small islands can be easily reached by Vaporetto. And even the journey to these locations is picturesque. And the islands are indeed very pretty and cute in the simplest words.

Murano is well-known for its glass production. Here you can buy original souvenirs from Venice such as colorful glass jewelry, figurines, vases, and many more.

Check out this trip: Boat Trip: Glimpse of Murano, Torcello & Burano Islands

Venice 2 days itinerary

Day one in Venice

Simply wander around

I really advise you to start your 2 days Venice itinerary in the morning. As early as possible. Just before the biggest crowds will show up. And to begin this wonderful adventure by simply wandering around and enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

In those morning hours of the first day of Venice itinerary let yourself walk in the dense jungle of charming buildings, and softly gurgling channels.

During our trip, we stayed in an accommodation located on the land and not on the island. So we started our walk in the main communication node – the bus stop of Piazzale Roma. From there, we took the path leading on the Ponte della Costituzione, the modern minimalist bridge located almost at the beginning of Canal Grande.

From there we decided to slowly move into the direction of our first must-see in Venice – the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Since this place is located on the other side of the island, we had a pretty long walk to take. More than 3 kilometers. And on the way, we let ourselves be enchanted by the city and all its wonders. And I highly recommend you do the same!

The crowded street in Venice in September
A cute street in Venice, Italy
What to do in 2 days Venice: the Grand Canal
A couple in Venice: romantic Venice for the weekend
The canal door in Venice
2 day itinerary for Venice: cute canal with boats
A couple sitting by the canal in Venice
The gondola ride in Venice: Venice for the weekend
2 days itinerary in Venice: venice houses and streets
Venice 2 days: a street ending up in the canal
The Black Death mask and costume in Venice

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

I know that for most travelers and tourists the modern art museum might not be the most interesting thing to do when they spent only 2 days in Venice. Yet, since we’re both interested in art – and Mariusz actually is an artistic buff – we really wanted to visit Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Peggy Guggenheim was one of the greatest art collectors in the XX century. Throughout all of her life, she was actively promoting modern artists and she gathered a breathtaking collection of masterpieces. In 1949, at the age of 51, she settled down in Venice, where she built a beautiful house, right at the end of the Grand Canal. After her death, her home became a full-time art gallery, and now it’s one of the most popular attractions in Venice.

Peggy Guggenheim - Her house is one of the best must sees in Venice, Italy
Peggy Guggenheim in 1930, Paris (source: Wikipedia)
Inside of the Peggy Guggenheim's museum
Composition No. 1 with Grey and Red 1938 / Composition with Red 1939 by Piet Mondrian

But visiting Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a great thing to do in Venice 2 day itinerary not only because of the art. This visit gives you a wonderful opportunity to take a glimpse into the Venetian wealthy person’s life. Just imagine spending a morning sipping Italian espresso on a fantastic private terrace like this.

A man sitting on the stone bench in front of the Peggy Guggenheim's museum in Venice, Italy
A girl in front of the Grand Canal in Venice: Venice 2 days itinerary
A girl in front of the Grand Canal in Venice
Peggy Guggenheim's tomb in Venice, Italy
How to visit Peggy Guggenheim Collection?

Curious fact: Peggy loved Venice and her house so much that she was even buried in place. In a small garden, you can spot a modest grave with a simple tombstone. The bohemian art collector had one other fascination next to the art. She loved Lhasa Apso dogs. And during her life, she had a pretty big family of her furry friends. Their connection was so big that she was even buried right next to them.

If you are an art enthusiast like we are, I think you will like a lot to visit Peggy Guggenheim’s home. To make your visit more comfortable – and to save you some precious time in your 2 days in Venice itinerary – I recommend you purchase your entrance ticket online. You can do it by clicking here or on the picture below. The official ticket costs 16€ (at the beginning of 2022).

And if you really want to dive into the history and secrets of this art collection, you can purchase a private guided tour, which is a wonderful idea to spend some nice time in Venice.

Rialto Bridge

On the way to our next planned attraction, we took a nice walk to the Rialto Bridge. This majestic bridge is the oldest of four bridges that allow pedestrians to cross the Grand Canal. Yet, it was not so grateful from the beginning.

In the XII century, in this place, the first pontoon bridge was built in this place. As the city was growing, the bridge was replaced with the wooden one. Unfortunately, it collapsed a few times in a tragic way. So the doges of XVI century decided to build a stable and strong stone bridge to secure the safety of the people. And here is why we can now adore this amazing architecture pearl.

Of course, because of all its beauty, Ponte di Rialto is one of the most crowded attractions in Venice. Yet it is still worth visiting. It consists of three stairways, divided by the commercial compartments – here are located cute little boutiques offering souvenirs and jewelry. From the side stairways, we can get amazing views of the Grand Canal.

The Rialto Bridge in Venice muse sees
The shops on the Rialto Bridge in Venice

Free Walking Tour

The last activity that I propose you take on the first day of your 2 days Venice itinerary actually contains a lot of attractions. I mean a free walking tour in Venice.

Briefly speaking, free walking tours are organized by professional guides in almost every bigger city on Earth. This trend started a while ago and is used by guides companies to promote their other, most specific tours. On a tour like this, you will be guided through some of the most meaningful landmarks of the visited place and will get a lot of knowledge about it.

Is the tour really free? Well, officially yes, but the common habit is to leave a tip to the guide. Usually, it’s still a bit cheaper than a standard guided tour, so it’s a nice occasion for you. The usual tips in the European cities vary from 10-20 €, at least in the places where I’ve been. But in fact, the final tip is up to you.

What free walking tour to take in Venice?

We took a trip with JM walking tour, and Francesco was our guide. I have to say that it was one of the best free walking tours that I participated in. The guide right at the beginning said that he won’t take us to the most popular places like St. Mark’s Square or Rialto Bridge, because those are activities that we can do on our own. Instead, he showed us some of the greatest curiosities in Venices.

Curious fact: the part of the money collected as tips from free walking tours with JM company, goes to make the Italian tours more accessible for disabled people. This company also has in offer tours dedicated to people on wheelchairs, so if you’re one of them, and still want to enjoy Venice, you can definitely try out their accessible tours.

The church Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto in Venice, Italy
Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto – the meeting point of our free walking tour

Our trip started in front of Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto which is the oldest church in Venice. At the beginning of the island’s history, the square in front of it was the heart of a city that was just about to expand. Here we get to know the first interesting facts about Venice.

One of them: do you know what the weird brick or stone “triangles” were built for next to some doors and building entrances? You can see one of them in the picture below. Well, according to our guide, since Venice was a city of wealthy merchants, there were also plenty of thefts since the beginning. In the past centuries, the city wasn’t so bright at night. In the dark shadows, the burglars used to lurk and wait for an occasion to attack a rich person leaving the building. To prevent that, the corners easy to hide in were built-up with such a brick construction. No one was able to crouch in them anymore.

Anti-theft corner in Venice
Campo in Venice, Italy
The narrow canal in Venice
The old fish market in Venice

Gondola Ride like a Venetian

During the free walking tour, the guide told us about many interesting things that only Venetians know about. One of them, which might be curious for you as well, was a hint about how to have a gondola ride for pennies.

A private gondola ride is a wonderful experience, yet it is pretty costly. But not a lot of people know that the gondoliers take regular watches on local gondola passages. Canal Grande goes through the whole island but it only has a few bridges to get from one side to another. To ease the communication of the island’s inhabitants, the gondolas offer regular cruises across the channel. And the best thing about it: those passages are open for tourists too!

Locals pay only some euro cents for a cruise. The cost for other people is 2€. Seven traghetto stations are located along the Grand Canal. And they’re accessible throughout the day, from Monday to Friday. And even though the cruise takes only a few minutes, it gives a lot of fun!

The boat marina in Grand Canal
Best budget things to do in Venice: a cheap gondola ride in Venice
What to do in Venice in two days: take a gondola ride via Traghetto

But if you would like to take a long romantic gondola ride in Venice, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to do so. In the end, it’s the most popular attraction in Venice! And I am sure you will find some time for it on your 2 days Venice trip.

The best way to ensure your gondola ride is to book this attraction online by clicking here or on the pictures below.

Finding the Masonic Church and the fighting field

What would Sunday In Wonderland be without some legends and mysteries? Our guide took us to the mysterious place – The Church of Mary Magdalene. The church is close to tourists what only enlarges the excitation. The small church was built by the Balbo family and designed by Tomasso Temanza.

It’s filled with masonic symbols probably because the Balbo’s ancestors were members of the Knights Templar. And also, for this reason, the church is dedicated to one of the most fascinating and underappreciated persons from the Christian religion – Mary Magdalene.

Santa Maria Maddalena in Cannaregio

Once we continued our tour, we were led to Ponte dei Pungi. The little historical bridge where… enormous fist battles took place in XVI century. The battles we conducted by feuding Venetian clans. The scale of those events can be seen in the painting by Joseph Heintz the Younger. To mark the place of the fight, the marble foot signs were introduced into the bridge floor. Which we can see even today.

Ponte dei Pungi
Competition on the Ponte dei Pugni in Venice - by Joseph Heintz the Younger
Competition on the Ponte dei Pugni in Venice – by Joseph Heintz the Younger

Visiting Venetian Casino and Banco Rosso

We ended up the trip by visiting two places that are often associated with Venice, among all in the literature and movies.

The first one is the entrance to the Venetian Casino which is located in this place since the XX century. The casino is very active and you can still enjoy it if you prefer this kind of activity.

The second place is located in the Venetian Ghetto – the quarter where Jewish people of Venice used to live for centuries. Here we can visit the Banco Rosso, the place well-known thanks to William Shakespeare who described it in “The Merchant of Venice”.

Since in middle-age Europe lending money on interest was considered a sin by the Catholic Church, Jewish had better opportunities to lead this kind of business. Next to two other banks, Banco Rosso was one of the most popular places to take loans and use the services of pawnshops.

Casino in Venice
Banco Rosso: The Merchant of Venice in Italy
The old neighbourhood Jewish Ghetto
The Venetian Ghetto

And this is how we end up the first of 2 days in Venice. If you would like to take a private and more specific tour, visit Get Your Guide, and book something that interested you the most! You can also check out the propositions below. Enjoy!

Day two in Venice

Italian breakfast

Since the first day in Venice was a pretty nice challenge, I recommend you to eat a tasty and energizing breakfast before you start your 2nd day in Venice.

A typical Italian breakfast in the North of the country is a coffee and/or orange juice, and cornetto – a sweet pastry similar to French croissants. Usually, Italians have breakfast like this on the go, in their favorite cafe on their way to work. Very often they enjoy it in a quick run, standing by the bar. Since we had more time on the vacation, we decided to sit at the table and fully enjoy the breakfast.

What to eat in Venice: a couple having an Italian breakfast

Murano Island

The second day we started with a trip, and you can do it too! Venice, in fact, is a small ecosystem of islands, and next to the main ones, Murano is one of the most visited.

You can reach this island by Vaporetto from different stations in Venice. At the end of this post, I will tell you how to book your tickets.

Murano is located around 1,5 kilometers from the main islands. On the way, we’re passing by the small island that is entirely covered by the San Michele cemetery. Which is one of the most beautifully located cemeteries in my opinion.

On the Fondamenta Cannaregio: leaving Venice with Vaporetto
San Michele cemetery in Venice
San Michele cemetary
A couple on the Vaporetto boat in Venice - how to get around in Venice, Italy?
A man sitting on a parapet on the Murano Island in Venice
Walking along the canal on the Murano Island
Visiting Murano

Murano itself is a lovely place. Small islands are connected by bridges, just in the same way as the rest of Venice. The buildings are so colorful and romantic that the best thing to do in Murano is again: to simply walk along and enjoy the views.

For centuries, little Murano was very famous in the rest of the continent. It was well-known as a place of glass production. Venetian craftsmen invented various techniques of producing glass masterpieces, starting from mirrors, and ending on jewelry, chandeliers, and pieces of decorative art.

So now, purchasing a beautiful glass item in Murano is one of the best things to do in Venice. Personally, I came back with a lovely glass bracelet with red and golden accents and I love to wear it for different occasions!

Must see Venice: Canal on the Murano Island
Brick house and yard on the Murano Island in Venice, Italy
The yard in the Murano Island

St. Mark’s Square

We came back from Murano with Vaporetto, yet we chose another line this time. And so we managed to finally reach the most famous landmarks of Venice – St. Mark’s Square and the architectural wonders that surround it.

The area was pretty crowded yet still was making a great impression. The Square is located just in front of the majestic St. Marks Basilica.

The Doges' Palace in Venice seen from the water
Doge' Palace facade
St. Mark’s Basilica
A couple in Venice for the weekend taking selfie at St Mark's Square
On St. Mark’s Square

Doges Palace

Just next to the Basilica, there is located one of the most important buildings of the former Republic of Venice – Doges Palace. Doges were rulers of Venice, elected for life from among noble citizens. Their palace was extended and developed many times since it was first built in 1340. Today it’s a museum and definitely one of the greatest things to see in Venice.

Beautiful architectural details are a feast for the eyes. Simple yet extremely rich and elegant facades extend from St. Mark’s Square to the Canal Grande. And the interiors are even more majestic and breathtaking. In this building, you can admire one of the biggest chambers in Europe that are not supported by any pillars – The Senate Chamber. Visiting it is a magnificent experience.

By the way, to save the precious time that you have to spend during your 2 days Venice itinerary and not waste it in queues, I recommend you to purchase the tickets to enter the Doges Palace online (by clicking here). It will save you time and guarantee you access to the fast track to the palace. I did the same and I managed to enter right away without even a second spent in a queue.

The Doge's Palace facade seen from the St Mark's Square
Doges Palace facade
The Chamber of the Great Council in Doge's Palace
The Senate Chamber
The view for the patio from the Chamber of the Great Council
Patio of Doges Palace

Bridge of Sighs

For centuries, the justice jurisdiction was also located in the Doges Palace. Moreover, the prison was just around the corner – facade to facade. The thefts and burglars, right after being judged were led directly to the prison, via a small covered bridge. The bridge that hits the records of popularity on Instagram.

That’s right! The famous Bridge of Sighs isn’t that romantic as you might think without getting to know the complete story. The sighs weren’t sweet words and love affirmations whispered in the night. But the sobs and groans of prisoners.

Today the prison is a part of the museum and you can visit it on the same ticket that allows you to enter Doges Palace. You will enter the prison the same way that former prisoners did – by walking on the Bridge of Sighs.

After your visit to the museum, don’t forget to take a look at the bridge from the best viewpoint – Ponte della Paglia.

Bridge of Sighs seen from a small distance
Bridge of Sighs - how to spend 2 days in Venice, Italy
The view from the Bridge of Sighs - must sees in Venice
The yard of the prison in Venice
Bridge of Sighs in Venice seen from the prison's window
What to do in Venice: visiting the old prison in Venice

Vaporetto tour through Canal Grande

Assuming that you decided to purchase the full-day Vaporetto pass to get to Murano, now it’s the time to use it again, and take a nice long cruise via the Canal Grande. And let your eyes enjoy beautiful Venetian architecture.

The Peggy Guggenheim's musem in Venice seen from the Grand Canal
Peggy Guggenheim Collection from water
The church of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy seen from the Grand Canal
Santa Maria della Salute seen from the water
A man's hand holding the mooring puller on the Vaporetto

Italian date with Aperol Spritz

Here we almost end our 2 days Venice itinerary. To enjoy our last moments in the city we decided to slow down, relax and have a good time eating tasty Italian pizza in a neighborhood mostly occupied by locals. Also, we enjoyed a local specialty – an alcohol drink Aperol Spritz.

And not only us think that it’s delicious. Look at all those people who sip it during our quick pause in a local bar!

Elderly Venetians having drinks in Venice

Tips on traveling to Venice, Italy

So now you’ve got a bunch of ideas on how to plan your own 2 days Venice itinerary. And if you want to plan this trip really well, remember to download my 21 advanced planning tips here!

Below you will find some more practical tips on traveling to Venice. And if you would like to be sure that you squeezed your 2 days in Venice to the fullest, consider taking a private tour with a professional guide.

Venice 2 days itinerary: Grand Canal in Venice

How to get from the Venice airport to Venice?

Venice, even though it’s located on the lagoon, is pretty well communicated. You’ve got a few options to get from the Venice airport to Venice islands:

  • Bus $: in front of the airport terminal you can locate a bus stop; from there take a bus no. 5 that goes directly to Piazzale Roma. The 75-minute tickect costs 8€ in 2022 (here’s the fee table)
  • Alilaguna ferry $$: special water ferries cruise between airport and the most important islands. One-way ticket costs 15€ in 2022 (here’s the fee table)
  • Water taxi $$-$$$: here’s the most custom and comfortable way on how to get from the Venice airport to Venice center. There are many different water taxi companies in Venice but you can order yours by clicking here or below. The prices starts from 32€ per person in shared taxis.

How to get around in Venice?

If you wonder how to get around in Venice, don’t worry – it’s super easy! Since Venice is a couple of islands… You won’t get lost.

Venice is a labyrinth of walk paths and canals. Yet it is nicely divided by Canal Grande, which is the main navigation path. Google Maps will be your friend in finding your way.

The first one of our 2 days in Venice we spent mostly on our feet to enjoy the narrow cute streets and the beauty of small canals. But for the second day, we decided to purchase a 1-day unlimited journey ticket for local city transports. It costs ~20€ and gives you the opportunity to freely use Vaporetto (water trams) in Venice and land buses and trams in Mestre (excluding Alilaguna water ferries and airport buses). This ticket allows you also to get to Murano island as well

DHL boat in Venice

Where to stay in Venice 2 days trip?

$ Budget: B&B Exclusive

Although Venice is one of the most popular places on the Earth, you still can find there some affordable accommodations to stay in. And B&B Exclusive is one of them.

Nice private rooms, with vintage furniture and a great location in the central San Polo neighborhood, will guarantee you a nice stay during your two days in Venice.

Check availability of the rooms →

$$ Mid-Range: San Giacomo Venezia

If you’re looking for cool and very climatic accommodation to spend 2 days in Venice at a fair price, think about San Giacomo Venezia. In this small private B&B hotel, you can enjoy beautiful wooden furnishing and really feel the spirit of Venice. Additionally, at the price of the room, you will get a delicious breakfast.

Check availability of the rooms →

$$$ Luxury: Excess Venice Boutique Hotel & Private Spa

If you’re visiting Venice to get a bit of luxury, you should definitely look for the right hotel. And I think that Excess Venice Boutique Hotel & Private Spa can be a nice choice for you. Beautiful rooms with a chic and elegant style, delicious breakfast, in-house SPA, private garden with relaxation lounges, and, of course, excellent localization guarantee you a wonderful vacation.

Check availability of the rooms →

What have I chosen ($): Jolly Camping In Town

We have chosen this place mostly because it was the most affordable option. Although, it is located outside Venice, in Marghera. But it offers regular transport to Venice, and there is a bus station just a few minutes of walk from the camping.

And the camping itself is really lovely. Modern cabins equipped with private bathrooms and comfortable beds guarantee everything you need. Plus, there is a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool in place. There was no problem for us to leave our baggage at the reception before getting a cabin, so we could enjoy Venice without waiting for the check-in. I recommend this place if you really care about your budget.

Check availability of the rooms →

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What to eat in Venice?

Besides the typical Italian breakfast, of course – espresso or cappuccino and/or orange juice with cornetto – you will have plenty of opportunities to try delicious food in Venice. Different kinds of pasta, ravioli, focaccia, and pizza are everywhere. But if you’re in Venice, you should consider trying at least those two specialties:

  • Aperol Spritz: a famous Italian drink, very popular in Venice. It’s prepared on a base of Prosecco, Aperol liqueur, soda water, and oranges. It has an original, a bit bitter taste, but really great fits into the Italian holiday.
  • Latte-e-menta: this is kind of traditional Italian summerdrink. It doesn’t contain alcohol, so it’s great for children as well. Latte-e-menta is nothing more than ice, milk, and peppermint syrup. Might seems unusual but actually it’s really good in taste. And perfectly refreshes in a sunny day.
Italian breakfast made of brioche, caffee latte, and orange juice
Typical Italian breakfast: cappuccino, orange juice, and cornetto
Latte-e-menta: Italian summerdrink: mint milk; and hot chocolate
Latte-e-menta for me, hot chocolate for Mariusz
What to eat in Venice: pizza slices
Delicious and tasty pizza slices on the go
What to eat in Venice: ravioli and spaghetti
Delicious ravioli in a creamy sauce

Best souvenirs from Venice

If you wonder about original souvenirs from Venice, there are two kinds of them that are really unique to this place:

  • Venice masks: in the city you will find many small shops with carnival items, including masks. Maybe the best mask would be the one that you created on your own during the Venetian mask production workshop?
  • Murano glass: if you’ll be visiting the Murano island, the best souvenir would be a piece of glass art. On the main islands of Venice you can for sure find it too in souvenir shops. Mariusz presented me a beautiful bracelet and earings that I wear til today. Beyond jewelry, you can also purchase some figurines, lamps, mirrors, vases, and other kind of decorative items. That’s truly unique Italian souvenir!

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Venice masks and souvenirs

2 day Venice: sum up

Hopefully, now you’ve got plenty of ideas about how to spend 2 days in Venice. It’s a beautiful city and I am sure you won’t regret visiting it.

If you’ve got any suggestions on what can be added to this itinerary, let me know in the comment section. And share this post with everyone who dreams about going to Venice!

Sunday In Wonderland sitting near the canal in Venice

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2 days in Venice - complete Italian Itinerary Venice for a weekend

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