Traveling gives a lot of joy! But to travel, usually, we need some money. In this post, I’ve got a gift for you – a detailed financial report on the costs of living in the Caribbean. I spent two months living in French Antilles, Guadeloupe and Martinique. And I noted every single euro cent that I spent.

In this post, I share my report with you. It might help you when you will be planning your own trip to French Antilles. I wrote down also a few tips about how to find a cheap flight and nice accommodation. So enjoy planning your own Caribbean dream!

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Step one: research

Good research is very important before any trip. After mine, I had the only conclusion: Caribbean islands are not the cheapest ones. A Polish blog Życie pod palmami was my first source of information. You can find some general information about costs of living in the Caribbean in one of the posts about living there.

Another source was a blog Karaiby Oczami Badacza, where its author – Paulina – describes this topic a little bit more deeply. You can find her post about prices in the Caribbean here. Thanks to her I also found my first apartment in Sainte-Anne, in Guadeloupe.

How to find cheap flight and accommodation?

Cheap flight tickets trick

To find flight tickets at a nice price, it is also good to start research a little bit earlier. The purpose is to see how much the prices vary during the time. I recommend using a flight search engine, for example, Skyscanner. This website offers a really cool option for searching for the best prices during the whole month.

Simply go to their website by clicking here and choose your destination. Then, in the fields “Depart” and “Return” click the option “whole month”. This way you will be able to see the best prices during next months! Then simply proceed to airline website by clicking the price that satisfies you.

I really appreciate this option and use it each time I am looking for new flights.

Live like a local at a nice price

While living in Martinique we used Airbnb to find our apartment. What I like in this platform is that the places are cozier and you can enjoy living like a local instead of sleeping in the next hotel. You can have a nice contact with the apartment owner who will be happy to give you a lot of advice about the city.

Airbnb could be also cheaper than booking a hotel. And usually, if you book a really long stay, like a month, you will receive a huge discount. In Martinique, we had almost 50% discount because we were staying for the whole of November.

Are you not an Airbnb user yet? Wanna receive a welcome discount of 23€ for your first stay?

How to save money for a trip?

After the initial research, it was a time to create a budget plan for this trip. It is a good practice to create a spreadsheet with predicted costs. When you already know more or less the price of flight tickets and accommodation you can treat it as your base.

In December 2017 my life changed drastically. I bought a book of a Polish finance blogger – Michał Szafrański – and that moment was a huge game changer. I learned to create a home budget and save a huge amount of money without increasing my salary. I mean I always knew that saving was important, but apparently, I needed someone to guide me by the hand.

Thanks to this book, which is called “Financial Ninja”, I was able to save as much money as I needed to quit my permanent job and move to the Caribbean for the whole two months. The book that I am talking about you can find by clicking here.

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Costs of living in the Caribbean – download your copy!

And finally, I did. I was living two months in Guadeloupe and Martinique – the beautiful islands of the French Antilles. After I came back to Poland I prepared a detailed financial report from our trip. You will find there our main costs of living in the Caribbean. Now you can use it and download it for free by clicking below!

And this is what you’ll find inside:

  • detailed expenses of 2 months of living in the Caribbean
  • costs of accommodation, flight tickets, public transport, etc.
  • prices list of groceries
  • tourist attractions prices
  • and more!

So click below to download!

Wanna know the complete
costs of traveling to

the Caribbean?

Grab my free financial report!

I hope you will find this report extremely useful! If you will like it, share this post with your friends, so they can download their report copy too.

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How much the life in the Caribbean costs? Find your living expenses in a detailed financial report from Guadeloupe and Martinique - Sunday In Wonderland Wanna know the detailed costs of living in the Caribbean? Download a free financial report from Guadeloupe and Martinique! - Sunday In Wonderland Blog

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