Even if the Maltese capital is one of the smallest in Europe, there is still a bunch of lovely hotels in Valletta. Hidden among the medievals building and narrow streets, they might become one of your best experience in Malta.

If you’re reading this, then you must be a traveler looking for unique places to stay in. Hotels in Valletta, Malta will not disappoint you in this case.

I made small research for you. In this article, you find my personal picks from the best hotels in Valletta. Those are the places from which I would choose if I would be booking the next hotel in Malta. They all have unique style and great facilities like free WiFi for instance. For each place, you can click the button to check availability and actual prices, and read more reviews.

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So be my guest and take a look at the accommodation options listed below. They all enchanted me so I think they’ll do the same with you.

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A waiter with a try on the swimming pool - the best hotels in Valletta Malt

Boutique hotels in Valletta

Let’s start the list with some delightful boutique hotel in Valletta examples. All of the listed places are perfect for you if you want to spend your time in cozy and comfortable interiors with the one-off atmosphere.

Luciano Al Porto Boutique

  • Rating: 8,1 on Booking.com

The first place on our list is located just 200 meters from the Upper Barrakka Gardens. The old building is one of the most charming in the city. Luciano Al Porto Boutique offers lovely rooms with the feeling of traveling in time. Vintage glamorous furniture fits perfectly the original stone interiors.

You can choose between rooms with a view of the port or the street. Although, both options are great. Your stay in this lovely Valletta boutique hotel will guarantee you remarkable moments spent on a tiny balcony within the heart of the city.

Check the availability in Luciano Al Porto Boutique on Booking.com

The bedroom in Luciano Al Port Boutique Hotel in Valletta

Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Hotel

  • Rating: 9,2 on Booking.com

The second proposition is located in a walking distance to the Upper Barrakka Gardens as well. Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Hotel is an elegant place designed in the retro style with modern twist and facilities. Stylish suites are a great background for experiencing the country.

The hotel offers the resting area on the terrace with an exceptional view. Moreover, some suites are equipped with such luxury elements as an external jacuzzi. Your days in Malta will be surely magical in places like this.

Check the availability in Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Hotel on Booking.com

Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Hotel in Valletta

Casa Ellul

  • Rating: 9,3 on Booking.com

Casa Ellul is a very exceptional boutique hotel in Valletta, Malta. We can easily call it luxury. Modern interiors entice the eye with their class and taste. The rooms are equipped with finessed furniture and big stylish bathrooms.

The place is located just next to the Carmelite Church, so the rooms have great views of local architecture. The hotel offers access to the terrace jacuzzi and a sophisticated bar. Spending your time in this place will relax you and ensure you the great holidays to Valletta.

Check the availability in Casa Ellul on Booking.com

Hotels in Valletta - Casa Ellul bedroom

Romantic apartments in Valletta

If you travel with your beloved one, you might be interested in one of those three romantic apartments in Valletta. They all ensure private moments in wonderful scenarios and are as good as other Malta hotels.

MAC KAY Studios Valletta

  • Rating: 8,4 on Booking.com

This lovely place offers absolutely gorgeous apartments in Valletta. Bright spaces filled with light and simple-style furniture guarantee a nice atmosphere. The charming rooms, with original wooden ceiling construction, are equipped with private elegant bathrooms and kitchenettes.

MAC KAY Studios are located between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Upper Barrakka Gardens. The rooms offer built-up balconies and a romantic city view. It’s a perfect place for couples looking for independent accommodation in Valletta to spend some magical moments in the city centre.

Check the availability in MAC KAY Studios Valletta on Booking.com

Vallettastay Classic Apartments

  • Rating: 8,2 on Booking.com

Vallettastay Classic Apartments offer both studios and apartments with separate bedrooms. They’re all situated in the ancient building with original stone walls exposed in interiors. The rooms are equipped with elegant cozy furniture and many pleasant facilities.

On the roof, you can enjoy the shared terrace with exceptional views. Some rooms include also balconies with a wonderful view of the harbor landscape. In these conditions, your holidays to Valletta will be spent in charming surroundings.

Check the availability in Vallettastay Classic Apartments on Booking.com

Apartments in Valletta - the living rooms with a sofa

Heritage Apartment

  • Rating: 8,9 on Booking.com

The Heritage Apartment is a totally unique place on the map of hotels in Malta, Valletta. The whole interiors are situated in the ancient building with the original stone walls, ceilings, and arches preserved. Minimalist partly vintage furniture gives a nice spark to the overall style.

In this kind of apartments in Valletta, the old-time feeling meets modern comfort and needs. In this particular accommodation in Valletta, you’ll spend fabulous moments, surrounded by the original atmosphere of the city.

Check the availability in 1 Bedroom Heritage Apartment on Booking.com

5-star hotels in Valletta, Malta

For the lovers of luxury interiors, I made research of 5-star hotels in Valletta which will guarantee you the highest hotel standard. Those places offer all the facilities needed for the gorgeous stay in the city. All three of them are some of the best hotels in Malta, Valletta.


  • Rating: 9,5 on Booking.com

The Rosselli hotel in Valletta shines in its own class. The object located next to the University of Malta fascinates with the classy modern interiors. Each room has its own expression created by retro furniture and fabulous finishings.

As benefits 5-star hotels in Valletta, Rosselli offers all the facilities of the highest standard. In the stylish interiors, you can enjoy the restaurant, the bar, and the swimming pool on the roof with the great views of the beautiful city.

Check the availability in Rosselli on Booking.com

Hotel Phoenicia Malta

  • Rating: 9,2 on Booking.com

Hotel Phoenicia Malta is a great choice for you if you love to stay in lovely bright interiors. The rooms are equipped with simple elegant furniture in light shades with colorful accents. Remaining to me a British hotel-style a little bit. Simple, joyful elegance.

This place is located next to the Triton Foutain, just at the entrance to the city. In the hotel, you can relax at the open-air swimming pool or in one of the sophisticated lounges. Hotels in Valletta like this one are the perfect choice for the lovely vacations.

Check the availability in Hotel Phoenicia Malta on Booking.com

Hotel Phoenicia in Malta - bright bedroom in a classy style

Grand Hotel Excelsior

  • Rating: 8,6 on Booking.com

Without a doubt, one of the most elegant hotels in Valletta is the Grand Hotel Excelsior. The spacious interiors are designed in a traditional elegant way that makes it a perfect place for travelers loving the classical hotel style.

One of the main advantages of the hotel is a huge outdoor area, including a swimming pool, private beach, and bar. After the sightseeing, you can also relax in the SPA & wellness area or simply have a drink on the balcony with charming landscapes around you.

Check the availability in Grand Hotel Excelsior on Booking.com

Grand Hotel Excelsior in Malta

Budget-friendly accommodation in Valletta

If you’re looking for more economy accommodation in Valletta, you will be happy to stay in the places listed below. They still guarantee unique Maltese experience and, at the same time, they offer much more budget-friendly options.

Palazzo Sant Ursula

  • Rating: 4,0/5 on TripAdvisor

Palazzo Sant Ursula is a perfect place for people traveling to Malta on the budget but still wanting to stay in the cute and charming accommodation in Valletta. This unique house with the ancient stone finishings is filled with original former furniture creating the exceptional feeling of the rooms.

This cozy accommodation in Valletta is situated in the residential area, in the middle between Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens. Besides the particular atmosphere, you can also enjoy the roof terrace, the charming patio, and the breakfast included in the room’s price.

Check the availability in Palazzo Sant Ursula on TripAdvisor

Palazzo San Ursula bedroom in Malta

Vallettastay Hostel Accommodations

  • Rating: 6,9 on Booking.com

If you’re a hostels’ fan than Vallettastay Hostel Accommodations will be a perfect pick for you. The hostel is located in the ancient building as well, with the original walls and construction exposed. The bunk beds offer a nice rest in the surroundings of original wall graphics and interior elements.

In this hostel, you will feel the unique spirit of Malta. It’s located next to the Nativity Museum of Malta, not far away from the main entrance to the city. This place is a great base point for having wonderful trips on the island.

Check the availability in Vallettastay Hostel Accommodations on Booking.com

Cheap accommodation in Valletta - bunk beds in a hostel

5 great things to do in Valletta:

To whet your appetite to visit Malta, here I gather 5 things to see in Valletta that you shouldn’t miss. The city is easily walkable so all of these attractions are located in a one minute walk from each other.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens:

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are without a doubt one of the most recognizable places in the capital. In the former times, the gardens used to be the resting place of the knights of St. John’s Order. Today the area is open for everyone wanting to relax and take a glance at the Grand Harbour.

The entrance to saluting batteries in the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, Malta

St John’s Co-Cathedral:

St John’s Co-Cathedral is one of the most famous churches in Valletta. For art lovers, it’s a must-see place in the city. In the church’s interior we can find the biggest masterpiece of Caravaggio – Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

The Malta Experience:

The Malta Experience is a perfect way to start your journey with Maltese history. This 45-minute audiovisual show familiarizes the audience with the rich history of the country and its main highlights.

The Manoel Theatre:

The Manoel Theatre is another unique place that states the importance of the country’s history. It is the third oldest and still working theatre in the world. Even if it’s small (with only ~600 seats), it plays an important role on the modern scene of Maltese audio and visual arts.

Fort St. Elmo:

Just at the end of Valletta’s peninsula, you can visit the majestic Fort St. Elmo. This military building was defending the capital for long centuries. Today, after many restorations, it’s an important heritage object. It still reminds many battles and war conflicts that took place in the local area.

There are, of course, many other interesting things to do in Valletta, Malta. Here are some fascinating activities and tours you should try (click to check the price):

I hope with this article your task of choosing the best hotels in Valletta is much easier. In fact, no matter which option you will choose, your holidays in Malta will be wonderful and filled with gorgeous experiences.

Do you admire the original Maltese interiors as much as I do? Let me know in the comment!

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