The Christmas season is just around the corner. So it’s a perfect time to think of travel stocking stuffers for your beloved travelers. These days, even when there are plenty of gift possibilities on the market, I totally understand how hard it can be to choose the right one. But I also hope that this blog post will help you find the greatest inspiration.

In this article, I am going to focus on travel stocking stuffer ideas for people who enjoy traveling in a comfortable way the most. With a suitcase instead of a backpack, and with chic clothes in place of multi-purpose cargo trousers.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. That means that if you click on them or make any purchase via them, I receive a small commission. But don’t worry, this will not cost you anything and in a few cases, you can even receive a special discount! And I will still be able to chase my dreams. So thank you!

Ideas for travel stocking stuffers – pin it for later!

20 Travel stocking stuffer ideas for chic travelers - Christmas gift guide pin 20 Travel stocking stuffer ideas for chic travelers - Christmas gift guide pin

Travel stocking stuffers – a quick overview

You might be in a hurry right now before Christmas. And I totally get it! So here is a quick list of all the best travel stocking stuffers that I collected for you.

Travel-themed stocking stuffers ideas:

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Best stocking stuffers for travelers who love comfy travel – complete gift guide

Bucket List Journal

Every great travel starts with a dream. And every exciting dream is worth writing it down. Only then it gets a chance to become a plan, and a real adventure eventually. That’s why having a handy bucket list in a drawer is a great idea.

A cute bucket list journal could be a perfect and inspiring idea for stocking stuffers for the traveler who loves to dream and plan future adventures. Dedicated journals like this you can find online – they are designed in a way that helps their owner stay inspired and on the right track to plan the upcoming journey. And always dream big.

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Small leather backpack

Chic travelers who prefer the comfy style of traveling usually leave their luggage and most of the travel items in a hotel while sightseeing. But they still need some sort of a bag to carry the essentials while visiting Old Towns, museums, or even national parks on soft day trips.

In these situations, a classy leather backpack might become their favorite handy accessory. It should be quite small and elegant to fit the city break chic outfits. But also well organized to carry all the necessary gadgets like a wallet, a smartphone, a water bottle, some snacks, a book guide, and even some souvenirs bought on a day trip.

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Compression packing cubes

Chic travelers usually pay attention to their travel outfits. On a journey, they avoid looking too much like stereotypical tourists, in their pants with billions of zipped pockets and breathable T-shirts. That’s why luxurious travelers care so much about packing the perfect outfits for any type of occasion that might occur on a trip.

And here the packing cubes come as the best stocking stuffers for travelers. Not only do they help to keep the luggage well organized. Thanks to their design and structured nature, they allow you to save incredible amounts of space in a suitcase. And the result would be even better if you chose the compression packing cubes that almost double the amount of clothes that can be packed.

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Mini steam iron

For the same reason that in the case of packing cubes, I propose you think about a mini steam iron in terms of travel-themed stocking stuffers for your chic traveler. Especially when you are looking for a gift for a fashionista or a person who always appreciates a polished look. Even on a journey.

A mini steam iron could be a convenient item on any city break with planned visits to museums, holy places, theaters, etc. But also when you expect to meet someone special during a trip like a local celebrity. Actually, a mini steamer like this would be often used at home as well when you discover an unexpected wrinkle just before leaving your home in elegant clothes.

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Comfy travel clothes

There are never enough comfy clothes for a person who loves to travel. Comfortable and chic sweaters and pants can become great travel stocking stuffers that are going to be often used by a traveler on long-flight hauls or during distant road trips.

The best tip here is to choose a classic style that is always in fashion. And, of course, natural fibers that let the skin breathe and guarantee extreme comfort, like cotton, wool, or eventually viscose.

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Passport holder

If you’re looking for cute little travel stocking stuffers, a passport holder can be a great idea for a whole family, especially, when you plan some bigger vacation in the upcoming year. Today you can choose from various styles and colors that can highlight the personality of your loved one.

Another cool idea is to order a personalized passport cover with some custom engravement.

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Luggage tags

Another cool travel-themed stocking stuffers are definitely luggage tags. These gadgets are extremely helpful in airports, but also in a train or long-distance buses. They decrease the chance of losing luggage on the go. Or at least, increase the chance that it will be found faster in an emergency situation. Luggage tags also prevent other people from considering your bag or suitcase as theirs by chance since they are great identification symbols.

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Travel photo album

Once the trip is over, everyone loves to bring back memories once in a while. Each of us takes thousands of photos on a journey since we all have handy cameras on our phones these days. But how often do we really view those photos in our homes?

That’s why a cute and capacious travel photo album is a great gift to put inside a Christmas stocking. Especially just before the new year, which could be potentially filled up with new beautiful travel experiences. By collecting the best photos in an album, we can come back to lovely moments any time we need some travel inspiration and energy.

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Instax camera

If you’re ready to go a step further than the travel photo album, you can think about the instant Instax camera as an expensive stocking stuffer idea. A cute camera like this can be effectively used during day trips or city breaks. It definitely allows us to catch delightful moments and appreciate the taken photos even more since there is a limit to how much of them we can take. This factor definitely makes the Instax photos more valuable. And, of course, it’s much easier to come back to these memories in a time when we feel like bringing back the past.

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Phone tripod

And here is another cool idea for travel stocking fillers. If your chic traveler is one of those who love to take photos during their trips, a foolproof smartphone tripod would become an essential item on his/her packing list.

It doesn’t matter if the picture would be taken with a printed photo for the travel album in mind, or will be uploaded into Instagram in a second. A professional yet handy tripod can add a lot of value to travel photography. If you decide to purchase a smartphone tripod, pay attention to the weight and size of the phone used to take photos. The tripod should be robust enough to hold the camera in a safe position.

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Overseas chocolate

Exotic chocolates aren’t merely sweet treats. They’re a celebration of world flavors, an embodiment of sophistication and adventure. For the chic traveler, they serve as a reminder of their wanderlust, encapsulating the essence of exploration and luxury in each sumptuous bite. That’s why I think that a lovely box full of chocolates produced in a particular part of the world might be a great travel stocking stuffer idea. For example: I will never forget the taste of the chocolate produced in the Caribbean, with an addition of sugar cane. This was an experience truly unique for these exotic islands that could not be replicated anywhere in the world.

The packaging itself could be a work of art, reflecting the sophistication and style of the chic traveler. Whether elegantly adorned in minimalist, sleek boxes or wrapped in vibrant, culturally inspired designs, the chocolates not only please the palate but also delight the eyes, making them a truly luxurious Christmas gift.

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Exotic coffee or tea

For the same reason, we can add exotic coffee beans of tea packages to this list of stocking stuffers for travelers. For the chic traveler who savors moments of tranquility and sophistication, the gift of exotic coffee and tea is an invitation to embark on a sensory voyage, an indulgence that harmonizes the taste of distant lands with the comfort of home. These beverages offer more than a simple sip; they encapsulate a world of culture, tradition, and refinement.

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Another practical idea for the best travel stocking stuffers is to elevate the travel experience of your beloved chic globetrotter with the gift of high-end earbuds. Fusion of style, and superior sound quality. These earbuds are more than a mere accessory; they’re a sophisticated statement of elegance and functionality, perfect for the modern traveler.

Additionally, the earbuds are engineered for portability, providing a foldable design and a stylish carrying case, making them an ideal travel companion. They blend seamlessly with the chic traveler’s lifestyle, offering both fashion-forward design and high-performance audio, making every journey a harmonious and refined experience.

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International travel adaptor

If you’re looking for practical travel-related stocking stuffers, then convenient electronics might be a great idea. International travel adaptors are perfect gifts for persons who often travel to distant places and countries that vary in terms of culture and everyday life gadgets.

Often crafted with a blend of sleek design and practicality, the adapters are compact powerhouses, catering to the chic traveler’s diverse power needs. With their versatile plug options and compatibility with various outlets worldwide, they ensure that their devices stay charged effortlessly, regardless of the destination. The compact size and ease of use make the adapter an ideal companion for any traveler’s journey, fitting neatly into any carry-on or handbag.

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Luggage scale

A precise luggage scale is another great idea for a small gift to mix with other stocking stuffers for people who travel. The scale’s accuracy and ease of use transform the often stressful process of weighing luggage into a seamless experience. With a high-precision sensor and clear, easy-to-read display, it ensures that the chic traveler can accurately weigh their belongings before heading to the airport, alleviating any concerns about excess baggage fees.

A scale like this can be useful not only at home before leaving for the airport. It’s also great to take it for a trip so the traveler can exactly know how much weight there is left in the luggage before coming back home. And it’s super important if he or she plans to bring any souvenirs from the journey.

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Compact board games

During long hours of a flight haul or train communicating, some entertainment is always warmly welcomed. And here’s the place for compact and mobile board games! If a person for whom you preparing travel stocking stuffers enjoys creative and socializing activities, then some engaging games might be gifts that will bring a lot of fun.

I can recommend two titles that we received from our friends. We brought them with us to our chill full fall getaways and for a Greek vacation, so we could have some entertainment on the beach. Both of them don’t take much space in luggage, have easy rules, and are perfect for many hours of engaging activities for two:

  • Hive game – it reminds me of a funny and engaging modern version of chess
  • Jaipur game – engaging but easy trade game embedded in the Asian marketplace

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Water bottle

Another practical item perfect for stocking stuffers for travelers of any kind is a convenient and reusable water bottle. I think I don’t have to explain the advantages for the environment of carrying a water bottle with you.

But this gadget is especially practical on a journey. It definitely helps to stay hydrated, especially in places where the nearest shop is far away – in the national parks or on long day trips. But it also helps to save a lot of money during travel. It can even start in the airport, after passing by security gates. Your beloved traveler can refill the water bottle for free instead of spending a ridiculously big amount for a glass of water.

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Travel jewelry

And here we’ve got a bunch of timeless ideas for travel stocking stuffers for her. Especially for her but it might also be a great idea for classy men. I mean travel-themed jewelry. You can go for something subtle and affordable. A little cute item that reminds us of wanderlust passion and beautiful adventures that are just behind the corner.

But if your budget is bigger, you can also go for more luxury travel stocking stuffers that might become really wonderful and precious Christmas gifts. Silver, gold, or gemstones are treasures that might stay in a family for a long time. That’s why classy jewelry is always a good gift idea.

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Travel Christmas ornaments

What kind of stuffer can be more into the Christmas mood than Christmas tree ornaments? These are lovely and traditional yet travel-related stocking stuffers. You can purchase them in various cute shapes and colors. Here you can browse my pick of adorable travel ornaments to hang on a tree. They will for sure delight your beloved one’s eyes during the festive season.

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Cabin luggage

If you plan over-size stocking this year, you can even consider purchasing high-quality cabin luggage for your traveler. A robust suitcase is always appreciated but sometimes underestimated gadget. So to make your loved one happy you can present him or her a durable yet practical cabin luggage that will become a great companion for any new trip.

I often travel with a Cabin Zero backpack that perfectly fits European airlines. But many chic travelers usually prefer suitcases over soft backpacks. Also, a great tip is to check the external dimensions of a suitcase you plan to buy and do research if it fits the luggage size limits of the airlines that the person uses the most. A well-fitted luggage is the key to an unstressful trip.

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