Summer, beach, the motion of the ocean… Who doesn’t like it? But among us, there are people who love this stuff with all of their hearts. And in this article, I’ll help you choose the best beach gifts for beach lovers – people who cannot live without being close to the beach.

Beach lovers can although have very different needs. So in the beginning, we’ll check on how to choose the right gift. Then I will give you some quick answers if you’re in a hurry. If you’ve got more time, I’ll tell you more about every idea separately. And at the end, I would share with you my personal best choices.

Are you ready to find perfect beach lovers’ gifts? Let’s dive in!

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Sainte-Anne - one of the best beaches in Martinique, the Caribbean
My favorite beach fan on a beach in Sainte-Anne, Martinique

How to choose the right beach gifts?

Every beach lover can have a different personality. So while choosing the best beach gifts for beach lovers, you should take into consideration other elements of the character of the gifted person.

Are you looking for beach gifts for mom? Gifts for beach house? Beach gifts for women or for men? Consider the type of the person and other activities that she or he likes to enjoy and then choose perfect gift ideas for beach lovers.

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Best beach gift for beach lover – quick answers

If you’re in a hurry, and simply looking for a quick hint, here is a full collection of the best beach lover gifts. Simply browse it and choose what you like!

More explanation for why that item is a perfect gift you find in the rest of the post.

Best beach gifts ideas

Beach and chill

Water-resistant towel

One of the most essential items on a beach trip is a towel of course. So a great beach gift idea can be a beach dedicated towel with water-resistant features. This kind of towel drys much quicker than a typical bathroom towel and often takes less space in a bag. So towels like this are useful and practical beach gifts.

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Towel anchor clips

One of the most annoying things on a beach is when the ocean wind blows away the towel or blanket. Towel anchor clips are a super clever item and can become great beach lovers’ gifts, especially for a person who enjoys the time lying on a blanket and taking sunbaths.

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Waterproof cell pouch

Regular beach visitors perfectly know the pain of using the phone with wet and salty hands. And if those hands were in the sand a few seconds ago, then this experience might be even worst. That’s why the tight waterproof phone case or pouch is a perfect gift for a beach lover.

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Waterproof bag

A waterproof bag is a perfect beach gift for any water sports maniac. It guarantees to keep its content safe from water and wet sand. A big one can contain dry clothes and towels while a small bag is ideal for keeping electronics like phones or cameras safe. It can be used not only on the beach but it’s also super useful on trekking or other outdoor activities like kayaking.

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Beach hammock

What can be better than chilling in the soft shadow of palm trees on the beach? Only doing it a few centimeters above the sand! A portable and light hammock is an appreciated gift for any beach lover who enjoys relaxing in a comfortable way. Today, this kind of hammock is super lightweight and can be easily packed into a backpack or beach bag.

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Long hours spent in the bright sun might be exhausting even for the toughest beach fans. Practical portable umbrellas are then clever ideas for beach gifts. Especially for a person who loves to stay on a beach but also cares about the skin and health and doesn’t want to spend long hours being directly affected by the sun.

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Shade tent

Shade tent plays exactly the same role that umbrella does. Although in some conditions it might be more stable than an umbrella placed on just one stick. You can choose a shade tent with closing walls that additionally protect from the wind and guarantees a calm space on the windy beach.

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Solar charger

Long hours spent outside these days might be hard because of… our addiction to electronics. Phones, games, speakers, all of these objects need power. There are no plugs on the beach, of course. But there is another unlimited source of energy. The Sun! Solar chargers are then perfect beach gifts for people loving to stay outside but also willing to have the possibility of constantly using the electronics.

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Outdoor vault

One of the most popular concerns of people having fun on the beach is a fear of being robbed while splashing in the water and leaving all of the personal items alone on the towel. The solution for this is an outdoor vault. A swimming fan can store all the essentials inside (like cell phone, wallet, documents, keys), lock it with a special code, and go having fun in the water with peace of mind.

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Beach and eat

Cooler bag

Long hours spent on a beach require good preparation. It’s pretty hard to spend the whole day without eating. That’s why cooler bags are great as best beach gifts ideas. A cooler bag helps you store almost any kind of delicious food: sandwiches, fruits, salads, chocolate, biscuits, drinks. Every kind of a snack that we like to eat on a beach!

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Tote with cooler

For people who don’t like to drag a few different bags to the beach, and prefer to take only essential items, a tote bag with a cooler is even a better idea than a typical cooler bag. It doesn’t have that much cool space but at least enough to store a sandwich or cold drink. And besides, it can be loaded with other typical things to take to the beach: a small towel, sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen, etc.

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Fresh lemonade or refreshing ice tea or coffee is what everyone loves on a sunny day. A hermetic and well-isolated tumbler is a perfect gift idea for beach lovers who enjoy drinking favorite drinks on a beach.

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Food jug

Similar to a tumbler, a high-quality food jug is a very appreciated item on outdoor trips. Especially for people who prefer to prepare their food at home instead of eating fast foods or produce plastic waste while buying food street. A well-isolated food jug guarantees that both hot and cold meals will taste delicious. Hot curry or fresh yogurt on a beach? Absolutely no problem!

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Picnic basket

Among us, we still can find many romantic souls. And people having it will for sure appreciate a practical picnic basket as a kind of gifts for beach lover. A picnic basket like this, with all its equipment, guarantees classy and stylish moments spent while having a meal on a beach.

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Picnic blanket

Together with a cute picnic basket, a comfortable picnic blanket create a great idea for beach lover gifts. A thick and easily packable blanket could be appreciated a lot since it guarantees much more sand-free space than a normal towel.

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Beach and play

Beach board games

Playing board games is one of the most fun ways of spending free time on a beach. Although it’s pretty hard to play some of them, there are still many titles that guarantee great joy on a beach blanket. One of my favorites is “Dark Stories” – a great game for people interested in criminal cases and telling stories.

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Playing cards & dice

Next to the modern board games, there are still good old-school games like traditional cards and dice. They are very universal and bring hours and hours of joy and fun. Also, they don’t take much space so can be easily fitted in any beach bag. And be played almost everywhere!

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Beach game set

If you’re looking for gifts for the beach lover who prefers physical activity, a set of fun and challenging games might be a better idea. You can choose among various types of games, including balls, blocks, and other elements. And they guarantee to have great fun on the sand.

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Volleyball set

Volleyball is one of the most popular beach games, isn’t it? So maybe a portable volleyball set should be placed among the best presents for beach lovers. An active person would definitely appreciate a set like this and hours of time spent playing with friends.

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Waterproof beach speaker

Warm sand, bright sun, refreshing waves, what more do we need here? Music of course! Hawaiian sounds of modern beats resonating around add a lot of vibes to the time spent on a beach. A waterproof beach speaker that can be connected with a phone via Bluetooth is a great position among beach trip gift ideas.

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Snorkeling gear

Beach is not only warming up in the sun. It’s also discovering the water and its ecosystem. And snorkeling gear is a useful gadget here! With a set of fins and a swimming mask, your beach-loving friend can spend joyful moments in the water exploring its wildlife and curiosities.

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Snorkeling experience

You can even go a step further and purchase a whole snorkeling experience for your beloved one. offers thousands of water experiences and private lessons all around the world. You can purchase a particular experience/trip or buy a gift card which is active for a very long time. The gift card allows your beach lovers to choose the most interesting experience for them and enjoy it at the best fitting time and place.

Underwater sports camera

Snorkeling gear packed, water trip booked, now it’s the time to think about capturing the memories! Even the simplest underwater sports camera can bring a lot of fun and joy from taking photos underwater. And of course, browsing them later while sitting on a couch with family and friends.

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Gift cards for beach attractions

But beach experiences are not only about snorkeling. There are many other options like surfing lessons, romantic horse rides, or yacht trips. Again, gives you plenty of options of great gift ideas for beach lovers.

Beach and beauty

Floating polarized sunglasses

What is the number one must-have on a beach? Stylish sunglasses! So maybe it’s a time when your beach lover needs a new pair?

While buying sunglasses as a gift for a beach lover, you should consider not only the style of a gifted person but also some general tips. First of all, sunglasses should protect the eyes from the UV.

In the ocean environment, polarized sunglasses are a great idea since they reduce seen reflections. Thanks to this feature, the eyes are getting tired less than usual.

And the last great feature: sunglasses made of floating materials are less likely to get lost in the water depths.

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Ocean bracelet

Jewelry is one of the most popular gift types. And some pieces are a nice choice for both women and men.

Cute and subtle silver bracelets with beach symbols would become perfect beach gifts. You can choose among starfish, waves, mermaids, seashells, and many, many more! These kinds of pieces of jewelry are wonderful beach gifts for mom, sister, or any girlfriend. But I am sure that even for men you’ll find some masculine and stylish bracelets.

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Starfish bracelet as a gift for beach lovers
Starfish bracelet by PoppyKittenDesigns

Ankle bracelet

Ankle bracelets, especially last years, became very popular among surfers, water maniacs, and every other type of beach lovers. They look insanely good on tanned skin. You can choose among different types – boho, glamour, minimalistic – and materials – gold, silver, leather, recycled.

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Golden ankle bracelet anklet for beach lovers gift ideas

Beach glass necklace or ring

Here’s another beauty category of jewelry. But now I propose you look for pieces made of sea glass (or beach glass).

A new type of rock? Kind of! Seaglass are pieces of actual glass from bottles abandoned on the beach. The water and sand shape this material in a new way that makes it look absolutely amazing. Framed with silver, sea glass looks stunning.

So what kind of jewelry can be better for a beach lover? Not only it looks great but it’s made from recycled material.

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Seaglass necklace as a gift for beach lovers
Necklaces by LitaSeaGlassJewelry
Seaglass rings on hands holding a bowl
Rings by PeaceOfKauai

Sun hat or cap

Wide, romantic sun hats come back to the days of their glory. And even a typical baseball cap is a great beach outfit.

Spending long hours directly in the sun might result in sunstroke. And you don’t want this to happen to your beloved ones, right? A good-looking sun hat or cap are stylish beach lover gifts ideas.

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Beach and eco

4Ocean bracelet

Beach people are often aware of all the harm that humanity makes to the ocean wildlife and environment. And they appreciate every events and initiatives dedicated to saving the planet and the oceans.

So among the best beach gifts that you can give to someone are bracelets from 4Ocean. It’s a company that recovers plastic waste from ocean waters and local beaches and uses it to produce new items. They combine doing a great job for the planet with providing us with useful objects.

By buying a cute 4Ocean bracelet, you not only get great beach-themed gifts ideas but also do something good for our world.

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Natural sunscreen

Last years the scientists figured out how harmful are commercial skin sunscreens for the sea environment. The chemicals that we use maybe protect our skin but also contribute to destroying local ecosystems and beautiful ocean wildlife.

Luckily, these days, more and more small local companies produce cosmetics that are made of natural ingredients. They not only protect us from the harmful influence of sun UV but also are neutral for the water ecosystem.

Purchasing a bottle or jar from a local naturally-driven business is on my list of beautiful gifts for the beach lover.

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Natural eco sunscreen
Organic sunscreen by ButterMeUpOrganics

T-shirt from recycled plastics

Items made out of recycled plastics are more and more popular. Today, we can for instance purchase clothes made of fabrics that were produced based on materials recycled from plastic waste.

And many companies producing such clothes dedicate a part of their income to fight against littering the natural landscapes. So here you’ve got another eco and practical beach gifts ideas.

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T-shirt from recycled bottles
T-shirt by TheHonuShirtCompany

Recycled decorations

Let’s stay in the world of goods made of recycled materials. If on the side, you would like to support local businesses, you can find local manufacturers that are producing beautiful beach-themed home decorations from recycled waste.

This kind of handcraft does not only look amazing but also supports many gracious initiatives.

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Recycled spoon fish
Spoon fish by NevaStarr

Beach always in your mind


Even out of the beach, there are a few ways to still feel like you’re there. First of them is a delightful candle that brings back beach memories.

Coconut, salty water, ocean plants, favorite ice cream, you can find many pleasant smells that bring the beach to your mind. And a real beach lover would be more than satisfied with such wonderful beach gifts.

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Coconut beach candle
Coconut candle by HawaiianCandles

Beach mug

Mugs are a widely popular gift idea and there is a reason for that. They can be fitted to the personality of a gifted person with color, shape, but also a funny or nostalgic quote or image on it. Like this one: “Not all who wander are lost. Some are looking for the perfect seashell”. Is your beach lover that kind of a person? If yes, then mugs can be great fun beach gifts.

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Beach mug
Beach lover’s mug from AgapeShoppeCo

Beach pillows

Home, sweet home. Who doesn’t want his home to look cozy and reflect the personality of the owner? Comfortable pillows with interesting sea and beach motive print are perfect gifts for beach lovers.

In many online stores, you will find thousands of different variations of such pillows. So I am pretty sure you’ll discover a cozy pearl.

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Beach pillow as a perfect gift for a beach lover
Cute beach pillow by StoneRiverHomeco

Beach wood sign

Among other beach-themed gifts, or even gifts for beach house, we couldn’t forget cute and inspiring beach wood signs. Even in moments which we cannot spend on a beach, they remind us of beautiful memories that bring our minds sun, waves, and warm sand.

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Beach wood sign
Wood sign by ThePerfectCollection

Beach painting

Wall art can be a perfect gift idea for someone we know really well. A beautiful painting representing a favorite beach is a beautiful gift for a person who is a real sea maniac. It’s perfect for bigger occasions such as a birthday gift or even a wedding gift.

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Beach painting by LargeAbstractWallArt

Beach jar decor

Cute jar presenting small charming worlds are more and more popular last years. Why not making of them adorable gifts for beach bums? Filled with beach sand and some beach-related items can give a lot of joy and bring pleasant memories.

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Beach jar
Beach jar by BeachBlues

Beach plant

Living plants are great ideas for people caring about their homes. And if those plants are beach-themed gifts – even better! Plants like this are beautiful and not only make the interiors feel alive but also bring freshness and great memories inside the house.

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Beach plants in seashells
Beach plants by AURAMORE

My top picks

I know how hard the choice might be for you. Especially after seeing such a lot of options. So let me help you: you can get inspired by my short list of the most “safe” picks among beach gifts.

  • Solar charger – this might become the most practical gift that you can give. For sure your gifted friend will be using it, not only on the beach but also during any other kind of trip or even at home. While choosing the right solar charger, pay attention to its portability, efficiency, and alternatively water-resistance.
  • Cooler bag – another cool practical gift that can be used outside of a beach as well. A high-quality cooler bag is a useful item that can serve for many years.
  • Candle – If you can’t decide what to choose or you’re afraid of the gifted person doesn’t have an item that you want to buy already at home, a candle might be the safest idea. Subtle, sweet scents reminding a beach will be appreciated in any beach lover’s house.
  • Boardgame – here is another beach gifts idea that would bring joy not only on a beach. A cool and funny board game is always a good idea.
  • Beach bracelet – if the gifted person is in a close relationship with you, a subtle piece of jewelry can become a wonderful gift. It can be worn every day but always remind of the times spent together at a romantic beach.

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