Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is on its way!

And because of that, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading your Christmas tree’s style! Why not make it travel-themed this year? Here’s the list of the loveliest travel Christmas ornaments that I’ve found on the Internet and that you can hang on your tree soon.

Christmas is a lovely time that we’re all waiting for the whole year. And 2020 did not coddle us. We couldn’t travel and needed to spend most of the time at home. So I think bringing some travel spirit for Christmas is a perfect way to make it cozy and enjoyable. Don’t you think?

So let’s jump into the list of ideas!

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Lovely ideas for travel Christmas ornaments Travel Christmas Ornaments ideas

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Travel Christmas Ornaments: the top 16 picks

#1 Traditional hand-painted bauble

Let’s start with traditional travel Christmas ornaments. Hand-painted baubles! They’re pretty and shiny, and can perfectly fit your existing collection of colorful baubles.

If you’re a fan of DIY Christmas decorations, you can easily repaint your old baubles, and enjoy the new ones created by you. Or, you can simply browse the Internet and look for beautiful baubles covered with pictures remaining your most beloved places.

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Travel Christmas Ornaments - hand painted bauble Australia
By LisaAngelLtd

#2 Wooden map

Wooden Christmas decorations gained a lot of popularity during the last years. And thanks to modern technologies, we are able to precisely cut different shapes in thick wooden plates.

Wooden maps or similar travel ornaments are a nice addition to your travel Christmas ornaments collection. You can choose among countries, regions, continents, islands, or states. And bring some world traveling into your Christmas home.

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Wooden map - travel christmas ornaments

#3 Map bauble

Traditional baubles are also perfect to play a role… of a globe! Why not cover them with a world map and hang little versions of the Earth on the tree?

You can additionally cover them with inspiring quotes, titles, and symbols so they will become even more personal and sentimental.

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Christmas tree travel globe bauble
By AlexGrecoLetterGoods

#4 Glass bauble with travel spirit inside

Glass baubles are one of my favorites. Because of their reflectiveness. The light flickering on their surface brings this special feeling to the Christmas tree overview.

And glass baubles are the perfect base for being even more creative. If the glass is transparent, some additional objects can be put inside. Like small travel items: signs, souvenirs, little buildings, or landmarks.

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Glass travel bauble
By RustyOldBarnCompany

#5 Your favorite local animal

When we travel to another country, we are often enchanted by its culture, food, and nature, but also by the local animals. Those furry, those flying, those swimming, and those who are sometimes hard to catch with an eye.

Their little silhouettes on the Christmas tree can remind us of nice moments spent abroad, in nature so different than what we can experience at home. Also, animals on the Christmas tree are a cute idea even without travel meaning in the background.

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Steel koala christmas tree ornament
By IronMaidArt

#6 Travel wood slices

Wood slices on a Christmas tree? Why not? They are so simple but so true in their nature. You can make them on their own and paint on them anything you can imagine.

Or you can purchase hand-made slices decorated with travel themes: cities, landmarks, buildings, and nature. The ideas here are endless.

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London ornaments on wood slices
By WatercolorArtFinds

#7 Passport

A passport theme is another original idea for the Christmas travel ornaments. You can either create your own little passports and hang them on the Christmas tree. Or even make it for the whole family!

You can also decorate your tree with paper or ceramic Christmas ornaments. Travel is an important joy in our lives, so the document that confirms its absence can become a pretty ornament.

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Passport travel christmas ornament
By PersonalizedFree

#8 Your favorite way of transportation

Each of us has a favorite way of transportation. You might love airplanes and fly among the clouds. Or maybe you prefer trains so you can admire the beautiful landscapes for hours? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who appreciates flexibility and independence and you cannot imagine traveling without your own car or van?

On your travel-themed Christmas tree, you can hang your favorite vehicle. This way you’ll make your decorations even more personal. On Etsy, you’ll even find travel Christmas ornaments that can be personalized to fit your needs!

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Camper van christmas tree ornament
By OrnamentsInTheGreen

#9 Suitcase full of memories

A suitcase is another cool travel-themed Christmas ornaments idea. It’s quite hard to travel without even the smallest suitcase or backpack. Suitcases collect a lot of wonderful memories inside. In the end, they’ve been with us in so many places.

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Travel christmas ornament suitcase
By AdornamentsNY

#10 Your favorite national park

If you’re a fan of long trekkings among nature, forests, rocks, and bushes, you most probably have a list of your favorite national parks. Either your local parks or those where you’ve been abroad.

Celebrating your love for such places is a wonderful thing. Hanging them in the form of travel ornaments on your Christmas tree will bring you enjoyable memories of hours spent hanging around in the most beautiful natural places on Earth.

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National park christmas tree ornament
By OrnamentallyYou

#11 Compass

The Rose of Winds is the most international sign of travelers. And compasses follow our steps in the world in different forms.

Christmas travel ornaments representing compasses can have many beautiful forms. The sign of a compass is very gracious to design. So you’ll find endless propositions of Christmas tree ornaments that you can try out in your home.

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Compass travel tree ornaments
By WanderCollective

#12 Open work and shining

Let’s bring some glamour and shine into your Christmas atmosphere! Delightful steel travel Christmas ornaments will brighten up your apartment with cozy reflections of Christmas lights.

This kind of ornament adds some delicacy to the overall feel of the Christmas decoration. It looks charming from a distance. But if you come closer you can have a sentimental trip to your favorite place by admiring the smallest details in this precise work.

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Brass Travel themed christmas ornaments
By StateOrnamentsGifts

#13 Detailed map

Maps have been fascinating travelers for years. Today, when we have access to modern technology and all of the world’s maps are literally stored in our smartphones, traditional paper maps might be a little bit forgotten.

But you should definitely give them a second life in the Christmas season. Local artists love to use paper maps to create charming Christmas travel ornaments. And they look gorgeous on a Christmas tree.

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Travel christmas ornament with a map
By TheBluePrint

#14 Passport or postage stamps

The world is more and more open for free traveling. But in the era of online visas and open borders, some of us miss this exciting feeling of opening a passport filled with stamps from different countries.

So with bringing them into life on your Christmas ornaments, travel spirit will definitely visit your home. And who knows what kind of inspiration it will bring?

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Travel stamps christmas ornament
By OrnamentallyYou

#15 Postcard

Postcards are still a great souvenir from a trip. They bring very personal memories and enhance human relations. You can open your forgotten boxes with memories and browse them in searching for some old postcards. Maybe you’ll even find postcards written by your parents or grandparents.

Alternatively, you can simply browse the Internet and search for some ready-to-hang beautiful postcards from all around the world.

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Paris postcard travel ornament
By JfvintageArt

#16 Origami star made out of a map

And here’s another creative solution for recycling old paper maps. Who of us didn’t enjoy the origami works at school? Making cute little stars out of old maps is a perfect way to give them a new life. And, it’s also a great way to decorate your travel Christmas tree.

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Origami map stars christmas ornament
By RecycledKeepsakes

Do you have other ideas on what kind of travel Christmas ornament can you hang on the holiday tree? Share them in the comments!

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